Invasion 10/8

Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend, and we’ve got just the way for you to get it started.  Meet at CrossFit Fenway, Saturday at 10:30 AM for this week’s invasion.

4 thoughts on “Invasion 10/8”

  1. Photos used on the blog for invasions are often kind of lonely and melancholy. Today’s is a good example.

    “A sole ring in frame. It swings gently along a path set for it by a passing crossfitter as she inadvertently brushed it on her rush from the pullup bar out the door to wall balls. She does not remember the ring. The ring remembers her touch. [Cue the violins.]”

  2. Hi everyone, three things:

    1. Invasion today was awesomely fun. Thanks guys!

    2. That was lovely, Zander. Maybe you can start writing captions for Eric.

    3. I’m going to cheer on our CFF athletes running the half marathon tomorrow (I appreciated their smiling faces and support last year). The turnaround is very close to Fenway, across from the Landmark center. I’ll be there around 9 if anyone would like to join me (race starts at 8:30 and it’s five miles to the turnaround).

    1. I didn’t see you (I don’t notice much during runs other than how I’m feeling), but thank you! The spectators definitely help make things more bearable.

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