Invasion 10/22

Black weight presses down on black matt. Unrelenting, newtonian force Pulls down with unfazed strength towards the core of the earth. A stark smear of white chalk offsets the black of the weight. It reminds us that someone once offset that force and moved the weight Skyward… And that someone will do so again. - A. Rafael

Many of your coaches are down in Connecticut for the Garage Games New England Team Throwdown, but JT’s here holding down the fort, and leading this week’s invasion.  Meet at CrossFit Fenway, Saturday at 10 AM.

And now, your moment of Zander.

2 thoughts on “Invasion 10/22”

  1. For those of you who missed out on Mathlete Team Bonus today – or those who want to train so that next time you have less burpees – here’s the site that provided today’s 5th Grade Multiplication and Division problems!

    BTW, Level 7 is hard. 82*78 isn’t easy, especially if there are burpees involved.

    Thanks for coming out for the fun today!

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