Invading the Esplanade

Meet Saturday morning at 10 AM at the Mass Ave Bridge on the Boston side (Corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Beacon Street) for an invasion workout.  With Stacey and JT out at the CrossFit Games, and Eric taking a well earned rest day, Dennis and Logan are running the show.  Head down by the river tomorrow morning to see what they have in store.

4 thoughts on “Invading the Esplanade”


    Today’s invasion was a great success. Beautiful weather, some shade, nice breeze off the river.

    30 minute AMRAP
    One lap run (~400m) around the Par Course
    20 Burpees
    One lap BACKWARDS run around the Par Course
    10 Pushups
    Bear Crawl up yonder hill, around the tree and back (~30m)

    Scores varied from 3 to 5, and there was sweat and grins all around. See you next time!

    CrossFit Fenway Ambassador

  2. My first invasion! Finished D.F.L. at exactly 3 rounds – no more, no less. Totally impressed with everybody out there. My reward? A bloody knee from those bear crawls. Nap time!

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