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Late last week there was an Associated Press article on recent findings that high intensity interval training is more effective than typical workouts.

“High-intensity interval training is twice as effective as normal exercise,” said Jan Helgerud, an exercise expert at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “This is like finding a new pill that works twice as well … we should immediately throw out the old way of exercising.”

022210-9055If you’re a CrossFitter you’re already familiar with high intensity interval training, and its effectiveness.  The article goes on to explain that traditional workouts don’t push the body hard enough to create the appropriate stress response that will lead to adaptation and improved fitness.  Last Friday we had Barbara, a benchmark interval workout.  Tomorrow we’ve got row sprint intervals.  Find a partner, get on the erg, and take turns rowing as hard as you can.

March 2nd, 2010

Skill: Burgener Warm-up

Strength: Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


With a partner:

Row 10 x 250m

Rest while partner rows.

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8 thoughts on “Intervals Work”

  1. great programming today. one of the many things i love about crossfit is the constantly varied workouts, enabling one to find areas in which they excel, and find areas in which they can improve on a daily basis. good quote on the main website today

    “If thou wouldst be happy… have an indifference for more than what is sufficient.”
    – William Penn (1644-1718, British religious leader, founder of Pennsylvania)

  2. There are not enough intervals in my life. That was great.

    Clean: 62kg
    Row: 0:47.7 / 0:52.7 (fastest / slowest) Six or seven of my splits were 0:52 and change.

  3. Great workout as always. I’ve never rowed before, but think maybe I’ll try out for Olympics in Russia 2014. Well maybe just try to improve my times.

    530 class is fantastic…who would’ve thought you could actually enjoy getting up at that hour?

    Good quote Justin. I went to a state school and consequently I have no idea what it means. I’m pretty sure it means “crossfit is hard but fun.”

    1. “I went to a state school and consequently I have no idea what it means.” HAHA

      Nice work today, guys!

      Clean: 33kg
      Row: 59.0/1:03.9

  4. I love bustin J-bones chops…I like the quote, my confusion (besides generally poor old english translative abilities) also lies in what seems to be irony in the heart of the message vs what we crossfitters are trying to do each day with our workouts and making ourselves better.

    It seems the point is to be happy with what you have (agreed), and do things in moderation (agreed though not followed). But when trying to teach our bodies to achieve elite fitness we have to push our limits.

    Maybe I’m wrong (likely), but I at least wanted to follow up with this comment in case any of my state school buddies find this blog and start prank calling me.

    I ordered the new pullup bands Eric, thanks for the info!

    1. i took it slighlty differently, crossfit preaches that you dont need a big fancy gym with lots of equipment and useless “lifts” to gain fulfillment and fitness. what we use, our own body, basic equipment is sufficient, and interestingly gives more happiness and fulfillment than training with “more than what is sufficient”

  5. “I went to a state school and consequently I have no idea what it means.”

    I didn’t go to a state school and had no idea what it meant until I read Justin’s suggestion.

    I’m pretty sure though it really does translate to “I <3 CrossFit".

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