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Living in New England we deal with the reality that from time to time there will be large snow accumulations making it difficult, and inadvisable to leave our homes.  There’s a never ending list of things we can work on as we try to become better athletes and CrossFitters, so even if you’re trapped at home, there’s something you can practice.  I came up with a list of 5 things off the top of my head, some specific, and some more general, that you can work on at home, no equipment required.

  1. A perfect air squat.  In CrossFit we’re striving for virtuosity, performing the common uncommonly well.  The air squat is our most fundamental movement, and serves as a building block for countless others.  Work on keeping your weight back, knees out, and a solid, upright torso (this video is a good, quick one for air squat review WMV/MOV).  Mastering the performance points and movement patterns of the air squat will reward you as you practice more complex movements.
  2. Upper body and core strength.  Push-ups and sit-ups are a great place to start.  Take it a step further and work on static holds, planks, side planks, hollow holds, and L-sits.
  3. Handstands.  Want to develop a handstand push-up, free standing handstand, or handstand walk?  All you need is a wall.  Practice wall climbs, static handstand holds, or kicking up into a handstand.  No wall, no problem, working on a crane pose or headstand can be done with no support.  These exercises only begin to scratch the surface of various ways you can progress towards your upside down goal.
  4. Pistols.  Even very good athletes struggle with a single leg squat, but it’s a movement that can be practiced anywhere in a very short amount of time.  Working on pistols can help develop balance and coordination, as well as improving your two legged squat mechanics.
  5. Mobility.  You all know I love me some Mobility WOD.  Everything we do, this list included, can benefit from improved positioning.  Not working on it is leaving money on the table.  There’s really no excuse not to put 10 minutes towards making yourself a better athlete.

Even if you’re snowed in, stuck at home you can do work.  Remember, no days off.

January 25, 2011

Strength: Press 3-3-3-3-3

4 Rounds:
10 Hang Squat Cleans (60kg/45kg)
30 Sit-ups
10 Pull-ups


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10 thoughts on “Home Work”

  1. PushPress: 50kg + 3. Not making as much progress on this as I’d hope. Other movements are almost always PRs. This is not.

    WOD: 14:29 RX

    I missed one clean in the third set and added it to the fourth.

  2. P.R. On presses: 40 KG for 3, 42.5 for 2.

    WOD: 15:51 @40 kg. Big thanks to hayley, jt and joe for telling me to throw that extra 5 kg on the bar

  3. wow- back is sore from yesterday and was not sure if I could get through todays workout- but by warming up properly I went for it.
    Press- 35x 3- failed on second set of 37kg
    wod- it was quite humbing- I was unable to pick it up and hang clean any consecutive, and felt really heave- not sure if it was mental or what- got through it eventually with a PR in the gym today for longest wod ever!~ 🙂 21:04- special shout out to Joe for making me stay RX

  4. press: i don’t even know what i did for 3 because i failed a million times after that. I think maybe 25kg. This one needs some serious work. I can’t live without my legs driving me, I guess.

    WOD: 14:33 @30kg and 2 red bands for pull ups. My 4th set of cleans was the best out of them all, oddly enough.

  5. Press — 32kg PR, failed on the 3rd rep at 33kg after letting the bar sit on my collarbone too long.

    WOD — 15:40 at 35kg. I just remembered a WOD over the summer in which I was (wisely) instructed to sub front squats (at 20kg) because my squat clean form was so poor…progress tastes good.

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