Holiday Gift Goodness from CFF

Oh, boy! I am excited. Finally, we have new shirts, new hoodies, and yes – the ultimate gift for a Fenway Faithful – gift certificates.

Gift Certificates?

YES! Look, nobody gives books of Wendy’s Frosty coupons or McDonald’s Milkshakes anymore; you wouldn’t eat them even if you got them. A gift card to Starbucks is the “new Frosty”; just as lame, but with the added irony of using more plastic to buy a paper-cupped drink in pursuit of saving the environment with fair-trade boutique coffee. (Note: JT feels silly going into a Starbucks. Eric feels juuuuuust fine about it.)

Why not give (or get) something MORE awesome? Instead of saying “I want you to have high caffeine levels and a moderately increased sense of social responsibility”, why not give a gift that says “I want to share my passion and joy and friends and community with you! I want to share this nearly incommunicable experience of fun and growth and confidence and transformation! I want you to be a F*&#ing SUPERHERO.” Give a CrossFit Fenway gift certificate – and next year, you and your friends can pick out capes together for a gift exchange.

They’re not just for giving to others. You can ask for them, too! We get lots of calls all year long from people asking how they can give the gift of membership to their friends. Now, when making out your wish lists to give to neighbors, family members, and even awkward near-relations, you have the perfect choice available!

We offer these two ways:
1) Newbie! Want to have a complete neophyte try out CrossFit Fenway? We’re launching a special Fundamentals class in January. It will be capped to a very few members, and will be a 4-week (12 class) introduction to CrossFit. The goal will be to introduce the concepts, teach the fundamental movements, accelerate the learning and progress, and graduate members who are ready to jump into class at full speed! This is a great way for a deconditioned athlete (or your out-of-shape-yet-ambitious friends) to get started from scratch!

$400 will cover the entire cost of getting someone started with CrossFit – and it’s a gift they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives. Let’s be honest: losing 10 pounds will get them more positive attention than showing off a new iPad, for less money. Discovering a new life of fitness beats the hell out of a Kindle. And being able to take your bodyweight overhead? Priceless.

2) Member! Want to contribute to the training costs of your favorite CrossFit athlete? General use gift certificates are available in any denomination from $100 to $4,070. (Why $4,070? That’s the cost of a full year of Unlimited Access to CrossFit Fenway: just $13 per class. So cheap!) Buy one and your favorite Fenway member can apply it to any membership costs for the next year!

And then there’s clothing.

Joe McGhee models the 4th Edition CFF T-Shirt, front angleFirst off, we have Joe McGhee modeling the brand new, 4th Edition CrossFit Fenway T-shirt!

Joe McGhee models the 4th Edition CFF T-Shirt, back angleWe’ve taken the same great material from the 3rd Edition shirt that everyone so loved, and combined it with our original slogan from the First Edition shirts! The result? An awesome t-shirt for working out or hanging out. Show the world that you choose strength; you choose CrossFit Fenway. Click Here to buy now, or stop in to CrossFit Fenway and ask us about it!

Joe models the 3rd Edition CFF T - FRONT viewJoe models the 3rd Edition CFF T - back viewNot to be forgotten, we have also gotten a limited print-run “refill” of our popular 3rd Edition CrossFit Fenway T’s! These dark green beauties are perfect for WODding and representing. Tessie’s almost in stealth mode on the front, but she’s still squatting more. And that’s what it’s all about, right? SQUAT MORE.

Hoodies. I'm so excited I can't even handle it.The BIG surprise for the holidays? HOODIES! Yes, it’s getting cold out there, and we didn’t want to leave you hanging. These are awesome – full zip front, nice pockets, and a big distressed “Tessie” logo splashed across the front. On the back, CrossFit Fenway represents. Tell everyone about the Finest 15 Minutes of Your Day, wearing a kickass CrossFit Fenway hoodie. Hoodies! The back is almost cooler than the front, if that seems possible.Just $50 for all sizes, check the Store to buy one or come in fast! We didn’t get too many of these for the First Edition Hoodie, so I think they’ll sell out before you’re doing HSPU under the chimney (with care). Check out the majesty! Eric models “teh new hotness”:

Tank Tops scream "confident". And "I can OHS my bodyweight", which is the same thing.Looking for something a little more aggressive for the female-bodied CrossFitter? We’ve still got inspirational Tessie Tanks, too! Great xmas gift, and I personally love the ribbed tank. Oh, if only American Apparel made these in a size appropriate for barrel-chested men; I’d wear these daily.

That concludes the holiday shopping options for now… more great Fenway products will come along soon enough.

But in the meantime, NO LOAFING – SQUAT MORE.

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