Hold the L and Pull

Eric P. on toes-to-bar, not L pull-ups. We'll see how one transfers to the other tomorrow.

When done in their strictest form knees-to-elbows and toes-to-bar require dynamic engagement of the lower body, while the upper body is held static.  L pull-ups require the inverse, the core and hip flexors hold the legs in a static L position, as the arms pull from full extension to chin over the bar.  L pull-ups are an incredibly taxing movement, not nearly as easy as they can be made to look.  Forearms and shoulders burn from gripping and pulling, while hips and abs quickly tire of holding up legs.  Mixed with other movements in a workout, they make for an interesting, challenging stimulus.  Matched with ring dips and sandwiched between sets of double unders should be no exception.

November 23, 2010

Strength: Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

60 Double Unders
L Pull-ups
Ring Dips
60 Double Unders

CrossFit Fenway will be closed Thursday, November 25th, and Friday, November 26th.  No invasion Saturday, November 27th.

13 thoughts on “Hold the L and Pull”

  1. ughhhhh
    FS- 60kg x 5 , 70 kg- failed after 1 rep.

    WOD:- 12:28?
    used bands on pullups- a red and a purple and red band ring dips
    D-U’s felt fine until I hit 40 reps then it was like my wrists were in slow motion and I could not move them fast enough.

    I am blaming my lack of sufficient rest on this one!
    Regardless, great way to start the day and great group at 6:30!
    thanks JT

  2. Felt like a total turd this morning. 45 kg FS, which was lighter than I’ve done before, then during the wod my ego was drop kicked to Boylston St, where it was promptly run over by a city bus. 14:10 with _lots_ of modifications. On the bright side, I will undoubtedly do better the next time this one comes around!

    1. But hey, you made it through…I’ve found it helpful to tell my pride to STFU in these situations. Tomorrow’s a new day!

  3. FS — 42kg. Limiting factor was the wrists (which had to work harder because I suck at keeping elbows up).

    WOD — 15:43…singles, plain-vanilla dead-hangs, red band on ring dips. ‘Til we meet again, LPUs.

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