Highlights From Trainer Steve’s Seminar

I promised to post up links that I had mentioned in last night’s talk.  Thanks to all that made it, I hope to hear some feedback from you guys about any and all progress you make as result of last night, as well as anything you would have liked to have had addressed.

The first thing I spoke about was some ways to help yourself identify junk science.  Attached are a couple of links, the first one is from my friend Mike Boyle’s Strength Coach Blog in which he helps point out some pretty obvious flawed data that certain industries would love to flaunt as if it came down from a mountain top on a stone tablet.


The second one is from the venerable New York Times in which they had the audacity to title “Stretching: The Truth.”  And as any good lawyer can tell you, when you have the truth, facts don’t matter.  If you read it, pay close attention to the conclusion paragraph where they cite data from a stretching regimen that included static stretching (the thing they vilify all article long) as part of what reduced injuries.  Remember the gold standard for collecting data is a double blind study, but even that can be interpreted funny, so keep your B.S. detector sharp.

Next Item: Recovery

Some things to keep in mind to improve the rate at which your body recovers from these workouts are first and foremost to just start moving around, stimulating blood flow carries all sorts of healing factors to your muscles.  One of the best things your body can be delivering to said muscles is Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids.  In case you’ve been to other gyms before ours, you may have noticed that not all gyms were created equal.  This holds true for nutritional supplementation as well. If you’re interested in getting a foam roller for your domicile, let Eric or Stacey know that you’d like one and we can put together a bulk order.

Even Better than roller is Professional Body Work, I could not more highly recommend someone than Vanessa.  Not many of you know this, but JT is a licensed Massage Therapist, and he’s the one her hired her, and we’d all like to think he knows what he’s talking about.  She can do big things to get you moving better, and beating other members in the WOD’s.  Her email is bodysongmassage@gmail.com, and if there’s a time you’d be interested in that’s not on the schedule, email her about it and chances are that she can accommodate.

Personal Education.  A lot of this is in Our Resources section, check it out for lots of good content.  Highlights include the CrossFit Journal, a steal at $25 a year.  Mike Boyle, Strength Coach for the BU Men’s Hockey team and all-around good dude posts some great content on his blog.  That’s all folks, go forth and change the world.

-Rast (aka Trainer Steve)

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