High Intensity

In CrossFit we define intensity as average power output (force*distance/time).  While maintaining the best possible form, we want to move the heaviest weight, the farthest distance, in the shortest amount of time.  CrossFit is also completely scalable, making it accessible and beneficial for athletes of all abilities, from our grandparents to Olympic gold medalists, but it only works with high intensity.


So how do we increase intensity?  Look at the equation.  Add more weight, go farther, or go faster.  When scaling workouts the weight selected should be challenging, while allowing movements to be executed quickly and with damn near perfect form.  If your coaches tell you to put more weight on the bar it’s not blind optimism.  It’s because we’ve seen you move, believe you can handle it, and know you’ll be better for it.


Pushing to our limits and beyond is where we get results.  Introducing our bodies to new stimuli, be it new movements, new objects, heavier weights, or just moving faster forces adaptation.  Whether it’s you versus a barbell for five minutes, or more of a grind-it-out, cardio-fest like we have Thursday, if the workout has a score, you should be moving fast.  Is CrossFit hard?  Yes.  Will it hurt?  Yes.  But is it worth it?  Is it fun?  Hell yes!

April 14, 2011

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

800m Run
250m Row
50 Double Unders
250m Row
50 Double Unders
250m Row
50 Double Unders
800m Run

No classes Monday, April 18th.  Enjoy the race!

10 thoughts on “High Intensity”

  1. Last workout before my marathon on Monday.
    FS: 75kg (PR for 5 reps)
    WOD: 18:25 Rx

    And for those of you who have asked:
    My marathon bib number is 21943 should you want to track online. If you’re going to be out on the course that day, let me know where you’ll be, and I’ll be sure to look for you during my run (it’s nice to see folks along the way). I’ll be wearing a bright orange shirt with “Run For Research” on the front.

    Also, should you want to make a donation towards my marathon effort to help raise money for the American Liver Foundation (and I’ve seen how some of you drink), you can do so here:

    Thanks for all the encouragement. And I look forward to being back in the box a week after the marathon!

    1. I’ll be on 135 just before Natick town center and will look for you…rest up!

      Congrats to the Shaughnessy family! Can’t wait to see Baby’s First WOD in the near future.

  2. Can’t remember my time from the WOD 🙁 If someone could post it for me that would be AWESOME! Trying to keep up with Molly “the gazelle” was very motivating!

    FS: 50kg
    WOD: ?? Rx

    Congrats Justin!!!

      1. Thanks! I want to do this one on my own once a month. It’s a good one to push hard on and try to get FASTER! 🙂

  3. I remember the day that picture was taken as the 2nd worst 10 minutes I’ve had at CFF. It was 10 min cap. Row 2K, then max rep 60 kg thrusters. Its about time for a retest

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