High-Bar Back Squat

Previously when we’ve worked on the back squat we’ve used the low-bar back squat.  Tomorrow we’re going to practice the high-bar back squat.  The high-bar back squat is the version many of us are most familiar with.  This version of the squat uses more of the quads and requires us to remain more upright than the low-bar version.  The lower body and torso position of the high-bar back squat is closer to the front squat and overhead squat, the catch positions of the clean and snatch respectively, so it’s helpful as we try to improve our Olympic lifts.

100_0793February 9th, 2010

Skill: Static holds

Strength: High-bar back squat



Complete 3 rounds for time of:

7 dumbbell press right arm

7 dumbbell press left arm

7 dumbbell push press right arm

7 dumbbell push press left arm

7 dumbbell jerk right arm

7 dumbbell jerk left arm

15 pull-ups

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