Friday’s another workout that can be done in under 10 minutes, but you’re going to need to run fast, and hold on tight if that’s your goal.  I’ve got a love hate relationship with Helen.  I love the challenge of pushing the runs and going unbroken on the swings and pull-ups, but hate the way I feel, and my inability to find a comfortable position after.  If you’re competing this weekend, I’m sorry you’re going to miss this one, if you’re not, come in and kill it.

September 23, 2011

3 Rounds:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)
12 Pull-ups

Compare to 100305

Garage Games Competitors
Friday is the day to make your last minute preparations for this weekend.  Make sure you have all your gear (jump rope, Oly shoes, etc.), and food sorted.  Take care of any outstanding questions, mobilize, stay loose, and get ready for a great weekend.

11 thoughts on “Helen”

  1. Any chance for a 6 am class on Fridays? All was full today and really wanted to get this work out in before work today. Whats the chance of this happening now that people will be working out less outside and more so hitting the gym in the fall/winter?

  2. Helen – 10:13 (16kg KB, green and red bands)

    All rounds of KB and first two rounds of pull-ups unbroken. Would have been under 10 mins if I could have done the 3rd round of pull-ups unbroken. Something to work on for next time. This was my first time using green and red bands. Had been using green and purple previously.

    Garage Games Competitors: Kill it!

  3. Helen – 10:24 Rx.
    Forearms were fried after this one. Also surprised at how much the KB swings affected my running. Legs got real heavy.

  4. 15:41 – 16kg, green band. I realized after the workout I did too many reps- 24 kbs/round. Much better than finishing and finding out I did too few.

    My goal next time I do this is to get the kbs unbroken (did for the 1st set) and to get the pullups into no more than two sets per round. Of course, I’ll be shooting to get back off the green band again too.

  5. 13:40 – purple band for pull-ups. I was pumped to do rx weight on the kb swings.

    I was pretty much toast after. Thanks Erika for the Bon Jovi fix after class!


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