Heavy Monday

Monday we’re going heavy with the front squat.  Last time this came up was back on April 14th.  Be sure to check your journal, and plan accordingly for the rep scheme.  CFF_041410-3168The goal is to set a new one rep max.  Take your time, use the sets of 5 and 3 to get progressively heavier, and go for it.

June 7th, 2010

Skill: Skin the Cat

Strength: Front Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

WOD: Tabata Push-ups

Monday is day 11 of the 100 Burpee Challenge.  Hopefully you’ve been keeping up over the weekend.  It’s starting to get expensive to join the fun, as it’ll run you 66 burpees to begin Monday.

The Saint Clair’s are hosting a breakfast this Saturday, June 12th.  It’s sure to be a good time, hanging out with friends from CrossFit Boston, and chowing down.  Click here for more information, and to RSVP.

The Sox are at Cleveland Monday, so we’ve got parking all day at CrossFit Fenway.

5 thoughts on “Heavy Monday”

  1. 85kg
    5 Tabata ring rows

    Totally psyched myself out going for 90 and bailed it . . . like I was telling Dennis, front squat seems so much more intimidating than back squats. I think part of it is feeling so much weight pressing on your delts vs. being able to spread it out with back squats, it just always feels really heavy! LOL

    Nice work Haley (two Tabata WODs in one morning!) and Dennis (holding plank position during the rest . . . insane bro!).

  2. Oh god Im so not looking forward to 66 burpees!!! If I pull off any number above 1 for the WOD Ill be happy!

  3. 60kg front squat (bailed at 65kg twice, …so bummed)

    Tabata Push-ups= 2 (I’ve been working on push-ups, disappointed here too.)

    Just a few more goals to add to the list!

  4. 130kg front squat
    Tabada Push-ups – 12

    I completely “gamed” the tabada push-ups from the get-go. i would have had a much better workout if i went all out, albeit a lower tabada number.

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