Hanging Out

This week we’re going to do a lot of hanging around.  We’ll be on the bars, working knees to elbows, ball ups, and skin the cats.  Practicing these gymnastics moves taxes your core, back, hips, shoulders, and grip, developing great core to extremity strength.  If you’ve been working on a kipping pull-up, or getting more kipping pull-ups, skin the cats can help in developing the necessary shoulder mobility and pulling strength.  These movements are fun to learn and practice.  At CrossFit Fenway you get to be a kid again on our jungle gym.


January 19th, 2010

Skill: knees to elbows, ball ups, skin the cats

Strength: 5 x 10 ring dips



Box jumps



4 thoughts on “Hanging Out”

  1. Eric and I did one of the workouts that we will be competing in this weekend at Crossfit Cynergy. It was 5 rounds, 7 sumo Deadlift high pulls (135/95) and 10 burpees. Finished it in 4:49…rough wod.

  2. Yeah, that one’s not going to be any more fun Saturday than it was today. Scaled to “pack” weight of 115# since I can’t safely perform a 135# SDHP (another weakness to work on). Finished in 5:31.

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