Halloween Weekend Invasion

Take a break from trick-or-treating, and meet at CrossFit Fenway, Saturday at 10 AM for this week’s invasion. Costumes are not only welcome, but encouraged.

CLICK HERE and vote for CrossFit Fenway, because we’ve been nominated by Dig Boston as the Best Gym in Boston under the Shops category in the 2011 Dig This Awards.  Make your vote count, be heard, and let everyone know you belong to the best gym in Boston.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend Invasion”

  1. Halloween special:

    What menace confronts you? What black mass lurks in your darkest dreams? What waits for your moment of doubt, when you reach for the chalk or the water? Will its cold steal suck the warmth from your body? Will its knurling rip your flesh as it tears the ego from within you? When you promise only three breaths before your next round, but take a fourth, will it be your last?

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