Merriam Webster defines grit as firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. We consistently see tough, gritty performances out of our athletes, and I’d like to highlight a couple from last week’s Open workout.

Ron Marchessault wasn’t going to be around to perform the workout towards the end of the wee.  He wasted no time in getting after it, as probably one of the first people in the world to try it, arriving at CrossFit Fenway on Tuesday shortly after the 8 PM announcement.  Ron didn’t love the workout, a 5 minute AMRAP of squat cleans and jerks at 75kg.  The movements are among his goats, but he wasn’t backing down.  Ron got angry, and got the weight moving.  He PR’d his clean and jerk, and then did it again for good measure.

Mandy Brown spent last week cleaning, knowing full well that if she got one rep in Open Workout 11.3 it would be a PR.  While she made some big progress in training, she didn’t manage to move the prescribed weight, but she also didn’t quit.  Undeterred, Mandy showed up on game day and gave it everything she had.  It takes some serious guts not only to try and move a weight well above your previous best, but also to do it in front of a crowd.

We’re not just developing physical fitness, we’re forging mental toughness.  Ron and Mandy are great examples of this.  Despite the challenge in front of both athletes, they never gave up.  They chose to face the challenge head on.  It’s a choice, I’m proud to say, that I expect to see repeated.

April 13, 2011
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 35kg
Overhead Squats, 35kg
Box Jumps, 24″

12 thoughts on “Grit”

  1. Awesome work Ron & Mandy!!
    Ps- Eric.. This entry got me so stoked, It kind of makes me want to sleep outside the gym… Or set PRs.. While the Rocky theme song plays in the backround…..

  2. MANDY. RON. respect.

    PP: 67 kg (70kg x 1)

    – need to stop scaring Stacey and just let go of the bar when bailing (i guess i have attachment issues…?)

    WOD: 9:38 (20″ box)

    – first time doing SDHPs. i like it.

  3. Big props to Mandy, Ron and all of our competitors. You guys make us proud week after week! Good luck to everyone taking on #4 today.

    PP: 52kg – PR
    WOD: 11:16 Rx. This was a tough one.

  4. All you competitors are awesome! A particular shout out to Mandy though, for showing some serious mental toughness to get after a workout with your own body weight! Your perseverance for wod 3 and your performance in 1 and 2 have all been really motivating and inspiring. Congratulations on your work so far!

  5. Kudos to Ron, Mandy and all of our competitors; your determination and perseverance are an inspiration to us all!

    PP — 40kg, been stuck here for a bit.

    WOD — 11:49 @ 25kg SDHP/OHS and 24″ box. Still finding OHS frustrating, although they seemed to improve in the rounds of 15 and 9.

  6. This just made my entire day. Thank you guys for all your support, I couldn’t have dreamed of doing this without your encouragement. I guess it’s the competitive streak in me that made me really want to go after these workouts lately but it’s a speed and strength I plan on maintaining…due in part to everyone’s “you can can do it” attitude, which is apparently contagious! Can’t wait to crush some PRs and keep checking off those goals. Thanks Fenway family 🙂

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