Greg is Strong

CrossFit Fenway family member, and Shayna’s “little” brother Greg Darnell is strong.  He was with us over the summer, but now he’s back at UCLA studying hard, and picking up heavy things.  Greg recently competed in the 82.5kg weight class at the USAPL SoCal Regionals, posting a total of 525kg, and qualifying for nationals.  Check out the video below.  Congratulations Greg!

December 13, 2011
Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Overhead Squat (45kg/30kg)

10 thoughts on “Greg is Strong”

  1. Power Snatch: 50 kg
    WOD: 7:59 Rx (upside was that I only dropped the bar once during the OHS; downside was my pullups sucked)

    1. The really nice thing about that site is that you can see past results, comparing your time to that of people who actually row more than once every blue moon. While not a great time, my time from yesterday won’t have been last in the categories that I would compete in. Cool.

  2. After 3 weeks off recovering from a back injury I was more than a little nervous starting up again today. There is nothing like an injury to force me to put my ego in check and remind me to make sure my form is correct each and every time even if I am slower or have to go slightly lighter.

    Power Snatch: 60kg
    WOD: 8:54 – terrible flexibility made me switch to front squats but on a positive note I felt better than usual on the pullups – I think listening to Selena Gomez got me fired up 😉

    A little ice and some ibuprofen I’m crossing my fingers my back will continue to hold up!

  3. Greg is a beast!!

    Power Snatch: 70kg (with the worst form on earth)
    WOD: 6:23 Rx (was not focused today… And need to work on kipping pullups)

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