Grace ‘n’ Annie

This Friday we’ve got a pair of ladies for you again.  It’s Grace and Annie with a 5 minute rest in between, or Annie and Grace, your choice.  We’re letting you decide the order you’ll perform the workouts, so you have an opportunity to show your best, and get onto our newly minted WOD Wall.  Between these two, and Fight Gone Bad on Saturday you’ll have 3 chances to get your name on the board.

Speaking of the WOD Wall, here’re the rules governing this particular piece of whiteboard:

  • Workouts must be performed as prescribed (RX) to get on The Wall.  All RX’s are equal.
  • Workouts must be validated by another individual, preferably a CFF Coach, to ensure all reps and the final score is legit.
  • CFF Coaches’ scores are not eligible for The Wall.



September 16, 2011
30 Clean & Jerks (135#/95#)

*Rest 5 Minutes*

Double Unders

*Athlete may complete the workouts in the order of their choosing

11 thoughts on “Grace ‘n’ Annie”

  1. Grace — 3:51 @ 77.1617918# (35kg)
    Rest 5
    Annie — 8:00Rx
    16:51 total

    I don’t know why anyone would choose NOT to get Grace out of the way first. Big props to JK for the Rx and great heart shown by everyone this morning! See y’all at FGB6 manana.

  2. While I’m not ecstatic with my times, I’m happy with my progress since I last did this combo on September 3rd, 2010.

    September 3rd, 2010
    Grace: 3:53 @30kg
    Annie: 11:22 w/singles

    Grace: 4:50 @ 50kg
    Annie: 10:14 RX (DU’s are not my best movement)

    Really great job by the 6:30 today. You just know the class is going to be fun when KP walks through that door.

  3. Grace: 3:52 RX – again validating my hypothesis that I should set my WOD goals as 2x Haley’s PR (see also: DT)

    Annie: 11:08 RX

    Awesome work this morning – and looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at FGB! Consider stopping by even if you’re not participating – it’s a super fun day.

    And one final reminder post:
    Drinks tomorrow night
    8pm @ Atlantic Beer Garden

  4. Grace on 9/3/10: 2:13 @ 15kg
    Grace on 9/16/11: 4:43 @ 30kg

    Annie on 9/3/10: 8:50 with singles
    Annie on 9/16/11: 8:08 Rx

    Total on 9/3/10: 16:03
    Total on 9/16/11: 17:51

  5. Grace: 3:31 20kg
    Annie: 10:2? tried doubles then switched to singles- managed 10 doubles at the end…

    Felt a bit like a “Gr-annie” this am! Need to work on doubles and push my weight more..

  6. grace – 4:33 rx
    total – 21:17.

    combination of singles and doubles on annie…doubles getting there, but still need work. good luck to everyone tomorrow!

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