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CrossFit is a performance based strength and conditioning program.  The numbers we’re concerned with are minutes, seconds, kilos, pounds, reps, and rounds.  Our results are measurable, observable, and repeatable.  If this data is not recorded any claim that we are fitter now than we were before is just that, a claim.  There is certainly anecdotal, and qualitative evidence, not to mention some other data that could be tracked, but what we’re really after is performance.

We just got a brand new case of composition books, so if you need a totally free way to start tracking your progress just ask for one.  Of course we’ve also got the Cadillac of CrossFit journals (not to be confused with the CrossFit Journal), complete with the CrossFit Fenway logo available for sale.  Whichever route you choose, grab a pen, get recording, and prepare to be amazed.

June 6, 2011

Strength: Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

4 Individually Timed Rounds:
500m Row
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

*The first round begins at 0:00, and a new round starts every 4 minutes.  If all work is completed the score for that round is the time.  If any work is not completed the score for the round is the number of reps, and the athlete proceeds directly back to the row.

Support the Team!

Regionals are right around the corner, and the CrossFit Fenway team is training hard, readying themselves to represent our box against the best athletes the Northeast has to offer.  Be there to support our athletes Friday, June 17th, Saturday, June 18th, and Sunday, June 19th at Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA.

15 thoughts on “Got Data?”

    1. For some reason we all did. This is called the “Stacey Filter”, and it sometimes gets applied to our programming. 😀

    1. Deadlift your bodyweight. Eg. I weigh roughly 175#, so I loaded 60kg on a 20kg bar for an 80kg deadlift.
      FS: 90kg
      Splits: 2:56, 7:28, 3, 20
      My lower back tightened up big time after round 2. Need to stretch my hammies better.

  1. FS: 50Kg
    WOD: Splits – 19 and 15 at body weight and the dropped down 5 kg and got 13 and 7.
    absolutely brutal!!!
    Loved it!!

  2. Shredded Hands WOD:

    4 rounds of 400 m run, 24 double unders, 24 box jumps.
    3:58, 17 jumps, 15 jumps, 18 jumps

  3. My June goal is 30 MU’s in one evening so I did 10 MU’s before class
    90 kg, not a PR but went for depth
    WOD: 3:02 3:26 3:32 3:30

  4. (Actual) Christine was my first Rx last summer so I came to pay homage…this one was a lot more difficult.

    Box jumps: 18, 15, 11(?) and last round with only 8. Rx @ 52kg.

  5. FS: 43 kg

    WOD: 3:49 then things got real bad real fast: 15 box jumps, 5 box jumps, 12 dead lifts. deads at 40kg (not rx)

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