Getting to the Bottom of it

Many of you already know the joy that is the Tabata protocol.  Tomorrow our WOD will include one of the more sinister implementations of Dr. Tabata’s fitness creation, bottom to bottom Tabata squats.  In this Tabata variation the 10 second “rest” interval is spent in the bottom of the squat, rather than upright, milling about, and generally recovering.  Though not required, it is recommended that you find your “happy place” during the “rest” period.  This twisted version of Tabata squats results in a dramatically different final score.

122909-5366February 10, 2010

Skill: Static holds on parallettes

Strength: Push press 5-5-3-3-1-1-1-1


Bottom to bottom Tabata squats

Tabata parallette push-ups

Tabata squats

Programming Note: We will only be running 2 classes Monday, February 15th in observance of Presidents’ Day.  There will be a class at 1 PM and a class at 5 PM.  Similar to our invasion workouts these classes are open to all members, and do not require advanced registration.

3 thoughts on “Getting to the Bottom of it”

    1. So far so good Austin, how about you?

      I’m trying to figure out which WOD components are the most brutal . . . the contenders so far are:

      Box Jumps (although I’m oddly proud of the skin my shin left on the box Monday LOL)

      Tabata Bottom to Bottom (sweet lord, getting up from that 10 second squat should be used as a CIA interrogation technique)

      Nicole when it was 25 degrees outside

      1. hahahaha yea we are cruel but you are getting great results!

        Hey Austin! Things are great! When are you gonna join us for an invasion?

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