Interested? It’s really easy to get started. Anyone can do this.

You’ve already taken some time to read about us, and you know this is enormously effective protocol scalable for any fitness level. Maybe you’re just not sure you believe it, or not sure it’ll “feel” right in the facility. That’s perfectly understandable. Come on by and give it a try – nothing we say will make much sense until you do.

Depending on your comfort level, we can schedule an individual fitness evaluation for you (or you and a friend!) so that you can meet the trainers, learn what we do here at CrossFit Fenway, share your goals and concerns, and find a membership plan that works for you. If you’re all ready to rock and roll, we could also bring you in for a quick orientation and let you try a free group workout instead – to really get a taste for the camaraderie and energy of a Fenway WOD.

Just send us an email at, give us a call at the facility, or fill out our web contact form below! We’ll be glad to get you started fast!

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