Garage Games and Running Angie

Literally just walked in the door from a great weekend in Connecticut.  CrossFit Fenway had two teams competing in the Garage Games Team Throwdown.  Dirty Water comprised of Yosh, Josh P., Adie, and Lauren S. was a team experiencing a lot of firsts.  Whether it was a first time traveling to compete, a first time competing in this division, or a first time competing in CrossFit altogether, they acquitted themselves very well.  The other extremely originally named team, CrossFit Fenway with me, Stacey, Joe, and Erika S. brought home the silver with strong contributions from all.  Thanks to Lesley, Erica K., and Mary for making the long trip to support the teams.

October 24, 2011
WOD: Running Angie
5 Rounds:
200m Run
20 Pull-ups
200m Run
20 Push-ups
200m Run
20 Sit-ups
200m Run
20 Squats

25 thoughts on “Garage Games and Running Angie”

      1. Stacy is the nicest “Angry high school basketball coach” i’ve ever known.

        Other gems I expect to hear from her soon:
        “Whats the problem, do you have holes in your hands”
        “Landed in his weak spot, right in the hands”
        “My farts make more noise than your ball slams”

        1. I’m actually looking forward to these… Would be a nice change of pace from “My grandmother rows faster than you!”

  1. Congrats, throwdown teams! You represented CFF well, as usual.

    Well, Running Angie is one way to start the week…I’ll look forward to it this evening.

    1. 37:43Rx, with an added element of “the unknown and the unknowable.” Kids, make sure you re-check your bags for all gear when leaving home in the morning.

      Great crew at 6pm, you all kept me moving along.

  2. WOD: 33:59 w/green and purple bands. A great workout after almost a week off.

    Great job, Garage Games teams!

    BTW, how does one put a picture on these posts instead of the default graphics?

  3. 44:55 Rx. I had about 25 seconds to do the squats. I closed my eyes and just started squatting. Not going to lie, I wanted to give up when I reached a point where I didn’t think I’d finish under the cap. Definitely glad I didn’t.

  4. congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend! so very proud of all of you!!

    this one definitely got the best of me. i think i was mentally defeated before i even finished the first round and the rest really wasn’t pretty.

    43:13 rx. LOTS and lots of work to be done on pull ups and push ups.

  5. Congrats CFF competition teams.

    WOD: 4 rounds + 200m run before time cap. And purple bands on the pull-ups.
    I had to break up my pull-ups and push ups way too much. I don’t know what it was, I was just tired this morning, even before the workout. My running Angie performance reflected that.

    Hopefully, my performance will be better tomorrow.

  6. Running Angie: 38:09 Rx

    Much improved kipping pullups (it’s only taken me a year and a half to get this far–jeez!). Pushups felt great today too (I don’t feel like my time accurately reflected the way I felt…would have liked to be in the 30-35 minute range).

  7. nice work this weekend CFF teams!

    WOD: 41:58 w/purple band for pullups. I was proud to do all regular pushups…should have kept pushing harder on the 200m runs..too easy to ease up on that portion.

    1. I actually found myself going faster on the runs since I did initially feel like my legs would be burned out, but that’s definitely where I made up some time.

  8. fantastic job CFF competitors!

    36:42rx. no particular weak link this time, but running (of course) could have been faster.

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