FRIDAY: Turkey Trot, CrossFit Style

Hey folks! Y’all are all welcome to a break over Thanksgiving – as are the trainers, which is why everyone has the day off on Thursday and Friday. But for those of you who just can’t wait for Invasion on Saturday, I welcome you to join me over at CrossFit Somerville for a little “day after feast” WOD. You’ll get to see our very nice bathrooms, our awesomely big pullup structure, and of course our kickin new mural. I promise: no math, no flash cards, and no special surprise “bonus rounds” this time. 😉

I’ll be kicking off the action at 11 am at CrossFit Somerville, and you’re all welcome to join me! Where is that?

Union Square: 35 Prospect St, Somerville, MA.

How do you get there?

The CT2 Bus departs from right next to CrossFit Fenway at 10:26 and arrives in Union Square at 10:46, giving you plenty of time to see the place and get warmed up. I promise to have you done in time for a nice brunch in the area, or to just hop back on the 12:05 bus back to Fenway.

Want more particulars? MBTA’s website shows you the route and the station stops.

From Fenway, just drive to Storrow West, get off at River St/Central Square, and go straight through Central onto Prospect St. You’ll follow that for about 5 stoplights, until you see the giant “CROSSFIT” letters on the side of our building (just over the hill). We have a parking lot there!

Use this google link to get directions!

1 thought on “FRIDAY: Turkey Trot, CrossFit Style”

  1. Turkey Day Home WOD:

    Double Mini-Flight Sim (after spending 9min trying Full Flight Sim and getting stuck at 35)
    5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 unbroken double unders

    rest 3 min

    I am thankful for you all, have a great holiday!

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