Friction Free


Moving from what many know as a standard dip on parallel bars to the frictionless environment of ring dips provides a whole new challenge to the athlete.  Rings require self stabilization, they won’t support you like the parallel bars, but this provides for excellent strength and neurological development.  If you’re stopping in for class tomorrow you’ll have the chance to try going friction free for yourself, as well as getting some great strength and metabolic conditioning work in.

December 16, 2009

Skill: Ring Supports and Ring Dips

Strength: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

10 burpees

15 sit-ups

Post loads for deadlift and time of WOD to comments.

4 thoughts on “Friction Free”

  1. I can’t believe this, one of my other loves in life the Red Sox (Fenway Park) and Crossfit merge together to make one great Crossfit Affiliate. What an awesome idea!!! Love the Sox and Crossfit. Hate those Yankees!!! Let me know if and when you get some T’s made. I’m stationed overseas but would love to buy a few to rock over here as well as support your affiliate.

    1. Matt,
      we have t-shirts featuring our logo seen in the header of the web page, as well as Operation Phoenix t-shirts. Send me a direct e-mail at so we can sort out the logistics.

      Thanks for your interest and checking out our site. Please come see our box when you’re back in the states.


    1. Nice work! Here’s mine

      WOD: 6:26
      – then –
      DL: 80kg x5, 90kg x5, 100kg x5, out of time.

      And Stacey could kick both of our butts, at both events. 🙂

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