Free Yourself from Your Bands

We’re often asked how much assistance/resistance each of the giant rubber bands provides.  Well, here’s your answers:

Red = 5 – 25 lbs.
Purple = 30 – 50 lbs.
Green = 65 – 85 lbs.

Now, many of you have the goal of doing unassisted pull-ups or ring dips.  Both are great goals, but how are you going about freeing yourself from the bands?

There are a couple things you can do.  One is to give up some of your score on your metcon in exchange for strength gains.  Like with any other weighted movement you may know it’s going to slow you down, but you can handle it safely, with good technique, so you give it a try.  If you’ve got more than 10 consecutive pull-ups or ring dips with the bands you’re currently using it’s probably time to drop down to the next level.

The other important thing you can do is work on it before or after class.  Choose a challenging level of assistance and do 10 to 15 reps of the exercise your working on in as few sets as possible.  This only takes a couple of minutes.  As you get more and more unbroken reps, reduce the level of assistance.  You’ll be band free before you know it.

February 1, 2011


40 Ring Dips
40 Knees to Elbows
40 Box Jumps, 24″
40 Pull-ups
40 Push Press, 20kg

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22 thoughts on “Free Yourself from Your Bands”

  1. DL: 160kg
    WOD: 10:42 Rx

    My new performance goal is to continue to do consistently well enough until JT is no longer surprised when I post a good time. 🙂

  2. DL: 65kg which is a 5rm PR. and my form feels better!

    WOD: 13:31 with 2 reds on dips and purple for pull ups. i’ll be working on unbanding myself from both of these guys – advice taken eric!

  3. single arm deadlift – 60kg x 5

    single arm wod…
    30 pistols
    40 GHD situps
    40 box jumps
    40 single arm ring rows
    40 single arm pushups (modified)
    40 single arm DB push press

    nice work everyone, especially claire on all of those pull ups!!

    and happy birthday shruj!!

    1. Yosh! Allow me to nerd out one second here…. The WOD was a total of 200 movements. Your time was a total of 684 seconds. That’s one move every 3.42 seconds. And that’s not even including rest (if you took any), or the time it takes to transition from one skill to another. That’s crazy amazing!

      1. *** Correction ***
        464 seconds. Meaning that you did one move every 2.32 seconds! Holy smokes!

        Man, I suck at nerding out.

  4. DL — 85kg; my recent 5RM SDL was 92kg but it was in reality 5 disjointed reps. Decided to hang out at 85kg and work on stringing the reps together.

    WOD — 20:55 with a red band on the dips. K2E = major speed bump.

    Nice work by the evening crew.

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