Free Friday WOD – Another Predawn Present

That’s right, Trainer Steve lurvs hitting the track in the early morn. And lest ye think this is too early, note that “Civil Twilight” is at 6:23 am. If it’s late enough for pilots to commence daytime flight operations, it’s late enough to be doing burpees.

Mad props go out to our new friend Jon Shea – who not only said he’d be at our last free predawn WOD, but actually showed up… and brought a friend! This is one thing I love about hardcore CrossFitters: they are in the practice of aligning their words and their choices, their actions.

Once again, this is a 6:30am workout at nearby Clemente Field, hosted by Trainer Steve this Friday, Dec 4.

Directions: Clemente Field is the gorgeous new public/private track and field facility located in the Fens, built courtesy of Emmanuel College. Find us out there directly across Park Drive from the Trinity Orthodox, at Kilmarnock, on the field. If driving, you can find street parking on Boylston or some on Park Drive near the field.

From our CrossFit Fenway facility, just jog the 3 blocks towards the Fens on Kilmarnock until you run into the track. Nice warm-up! Now let’s stretch and get to it. 3-2-1-GO!

4 thoughts on “Free Friday WOD – Another Predawn Present”

  1. I’m trying to get my friend to go with me. If he is willing to go, he and I will both be there.
    If we don’t get lost biking there in the dark that is!

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