Free Dawn Workout @ The Track, Wednesday!

This Wednesday 6:30am, Trainer Steve will a free sample of what you’ll be getting at CrossFit Fenway. Yes, that early.

You’ll hear me say this over and over: this is just as hard – and just as easy – as choosing it right now. There are hundreds of reasons for you to NOT come join us outside on Wednesday morning. What’s your reason to Choose it now?

Details: 6:30 am at Clemente Field. Clemente Field is the gorgeous new public/private track and field facility located in the Fens, built courtesy of Emmanuel College. Find us out there directly across Park Drive from the Trinity Orthodox, at Kilmarnock, on the field.

From our CrossFit Fenway facility, just jog the 3 blocks towards the Fens on Kilmarnock until you run into the track. Nice warm-up! Now let’s stretch and get to it. 3-2-1-GO!

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