It’s Fran!  The most famous girl workout.  If you haven’t done Fran before, Friday’s your chance to give yourself an answer to the question all CrossFitters want to know, “what’s your Fran time?”.

There are a lot of videos out there featuring Fran.  The one embedded here is unique, because it features a head-to-head Fran off to determine the 3rd place team in this past weekend’s Garage Games New England Team Throwdown.  Me, Stacey, Joe, and Erika were all very happy we didn’t have to participate, as at that point we’d all started stuffing our faces.

October 28, 2011
Thrusters (95#/65#)

Compare to 110801

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22 thoughts on “Fran”

  1. Fran 1/7/11: 13:49 w/ purple @ 65#
    Fran today: 11:43 w/ 2 reds @ 65#

    Finally feeling back in the groove after my mid-year 4 month hiatus, and I am thrilled to celebrating 1 year inhaler-free.

    Today would not have been possible without the support of 2 patiently pushing coaches and the cheers from my 6:30 crew. Thank you all.

    Most importantly, thank you Stacey. I heard you say “I believe you can do this.” It made me believe too. xoxo

    1. that just made me tear up a bit. KP, LOOK at that progress! you’re amazing. wish i could’ve been there to get after this one with you (and the rest of the crew) <3!

  2. When I saw the blog last night I honestly thought, “Fran? I don’t know that one…must be a new Hero WOD or something”…then I realized how dumb I was being. I blame the cold.

  3. Strength: 1 rep Thruster at 70kg, failed at 80
    Wod: 4:34 RX
    – old PR 5:54 RX in January
    That’s not a post illness PR, that’s a regular PR. Thanks to Cahill, Stacey, KP and everyone else cheering. Thanks to Sam for getting right in my face, telling me “its gut check time” and pushing me through the middle 15.

  4. 8/1/11 6:05 at 20kg and pur/red band
    10/28/11 7:05 at 25kg and pur band….eerily exactly a minute slower, but more weight and less pull-up support…

  5. 8/1/11: 10:22 Rx
    10/28/11: 9:40 Rx

    it’s all about stringing the pullups together for me (next time shooting for sub 9 minutes)

  6. 8/1/11: 8:45rx
    10/28/11: 7:50rx

    I apologize for my coarse language during today’s WOD. That was quite possible the loudest obscenity I’ve ever uttered.

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