Flooring Fun

The crew have been playing with the sawz-all and rubber, with spectacular results. What you can see here is the flooring surface of choice at CrossFit Fenway: solid rubber horse stall mats, 3/4″ thick, 100 pounds each, made of 100% recycled tires. We got them from Essex County Co-op: very friendly people and a good local business!

This stuff is damn near indestructible, and perfect for our purposes. Good thing we’ve got a nice big crew of strong folks around to lift and cut and carry, since we had to unload nearly 4 tons (7500 pounds) of them off a truck BY HAND last Wednesday. (WOD: unload truck. For time.)

Of course, the craftsmanship from Rast, Eric, and Stacey is excellent when cutting these massive mats to fit around the columns and floor oddities of our new space. See the crew at work:

So when you come by and hit the deck during a workout, you’ll know just what went into that delightfully firm yet supportive flooring… a whole heck of a lot of work from your CrossFit Fenway team.

3 thoughts on “Flooring Fun”

  1. Welcome to the family. I must agree one of the best and worst days of my life was putting down those damn mats. If you or your team are ever up in Portsmouth NH stop by. Take care, Jason

  2. Question. . . did you use the black tarry stuff that seals the cracks that divide each mat. (kinda like grout for tile?)


    1. Nope! That’s a fine idea, though.

      We did, however, custom cut each mat at the boundaries (walls and equipment) to make sure the fit together perfectly snug. They don’t slide around on us because they are jigsawed in so tight. (We had to use sledges to get some of them wedged in!)

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