Fixing Your Dips

Ring dips are a challenging movement for many athletes, and can cause us to put ourselves in some less than ideal positions as we work on them.

We frequently discuss the importance of a neutral head position when squatting and deadlifting.  It’s also important to remember during body weight movements.  This video from MobilityWOD explains the significance of a neutral head position when performing dips.  A broken, over-extended position is likely the result of some missing range of motion elsewhere.  It’s inefficient, and negatively impacts our power output.  There’s the opportunity for a lot of practice dipping Tuesday.  Chin back, ribs down, butt tight, and dip away.

November 1, 2011
Power Snatch 3-3-3-3-3

10 Ring Dips
30 Double Unders

Compare to 110307

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9 thoughts on “Fixing Your Dips”

  1. Power Snatch 23.5kg but could have gone heavier. I have to thank JT too!
    WOD- 5+5 (red and purple band and 90 singles)

    (PS. How do I get a pic to show?)

  2. Power Snatch: 50 kg
    WOD: 4 + 19 (with purple band)
    WOD on 3/7/11: 4 rounds even

    Nice to see that my double-unders decided to make an appearance. Unfortunately, My ring dips haven’t improved much (and like to take the skin off my right arm).

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