Fight Gone Bad 6

Fight Gone Bad 6 is tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th.  We’re running heats at CrossFit Fenway beginning at 11 AM, in lieu of an invasion workout.  If you’re registered and you’ve been fundraising as part of the CrossFit Fenway team please arrive early, so you have some time to warm up before your heat.

If you didn’t register you’re invited to come support your CrossFit Fenway teammates, and be a part of this great community event.

19 thoughts on “Fight Gone Bad 6”

  1. Awesome work today, fools.

    Come celebrate with team Fenway tonight: Atlantic Beer Garden in the Seaport at 8pm. If you can’t find us feel free to text me: 262-352-8404.

    See you tonight!

  2. Great time today. Awesome to see everybody kicking butt…

    I don’t know if we’re posting scores or not, but here goes
    FGB 6 – 259
    FGB 5 – 224

    Happy with the 35 point increase. Already looking forward to next year.

    1. Very nice improvement Scott. Couldn’t agree more, as terrible as this workout is, I’m looking forward to doing it again in a year.

      1. You know Eric, I wouldn’t be opposed to it being programmed once or twice a year to get some practice on it. Just sayin’ 🙂

    2. Great progress! I know I’ve told this to pretty much everyone, but FGB was what we did for my first Invasion in June 2010. I used empty barbells, the agro-box (which I ate/fell off of) and couldn’t get even an 8# ball to the target. It was *fun* to do it for real today, can’t wait for next time. Here’s to getting huge.

      Cheers, CFF’ers.

  3. Thanks to everyone for coming out this morning and for your fundraising efforts (we’ve raised $3,440 so far). This amazing event wouldn’t be possible without the positive energy of our great community.

    I don’t know who all was yelling at me as I slogged through the reps, but thank you. I wouldn’t have gotten it done without you.

  4. Hey Fenway! Joined you in spirit from Chicago today.
    March 2009 FGB 161
    Today FGB 262 Rx and 5 months pregnant!
    Couldn’t have done it without every one of you in my heart!

    1. Damn!!!!

      I got smoked by a smoked by a pregnant woman! Amazing performance Tiff. Wish I could’ve seen it!

      Shruj do it too?

  5. Thanks guys;) so proud of you all too. I miss my family!!! xo
    Congrats on the succe$$ of the fundraiser.
    Have fun celebrating tonight. Please have an extra beer for me!!

  6. 353 Rx.
    Started on Box jumps which I really think gives the competitor an unfair advantage. Box jumps with fresh legs are so easy. After Wall Balls and SDHP… not so much.

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