Fast Post, Faster WOD

We gave Wednesday’s workout a try way back on December 30th of 2009, so those of you that have been with us since the beginning may have had a chance to try this couplet made famous at the 2008 CrossFit Games (WMV/MOV).  This is a fast workout, like sub 3 minutes fast.  It definitely shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes when scaled appropriately.  Keep that form as close to perfect as possible, as your plowing through deadlifts, flying through burpees, and back again.

September 1st, 2010

Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Strength: Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

WOD: 5 Rounds:
5 Deadlifts (275#/185#)
10 Burpees


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CrossFit Fenway will be closed this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in observance of Labor Day.

The Red Sox are away Wednesday, so we’ve got parking all day at CrossFit Fenway.

14 thoughts on “Fast Post, Faster WOD”

  1. Push Jerk: 70kg – same as PP 5RM, not getting anything from the drop
    WOD: 6:46 Rx – Deadlifts @ 275 were much heavier and slower than @ 225

    Eric P, if you don’t break 5 minutes on this one, my image of you will be forever tarnished.

  2. wow, strong challenge from Nathan for Eric P. I went to crossfit cape cod this morning for a vacation wod and did 10 deadlifts, 50 du’s, 8 dl’s, 40 du’s, 6 dl’s, 30 du’s, 4 dl’s, 20 du’s, 2 dl’s, 10 du’s. 4:36 with Deadlifts at 275. Doubles are still not where i want them to be but it was a fun morning. Miss all you guys at CFF, might have to do a hurricane wod later in the week.

  3. Push jerk: 40kg. Shoulders tight, probably from Monday’s brutal WOD.
    WOD: 5:43 with 80kg, but I think my form was crap.

  4. Jerk: 80kg
    WOD: 5:06rx

    Nathan, I was hoping to be close to 4minutes, the Deadlifts were not bad at all, but i’m slow as molasses when it comes to bodyweight stuff.

    I did this workout on December 30th at 85kg at 6minutes, so shaving a minute off and adding 40kg is okay. Not where i want to be though.

  5. Push-press (still trying to wrap my brain around the jerk part): 33kg PR

    WOD (55kg) — 5:07
    As much as I would have loved to go heavier, my DL form is still iffy and I’d like to remain on good terms with my back.

    Nice work 5 and 6…

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