Facility Updates: Photos, Interns, Massage, and Circus

Update: We no longer offer circus classes at CrossFit Fenway – but please do visit our friends at Esh Aerial Arts for all your circus instruction! Also, our new facility doesn’t currently have a massage treatment room, though we do have friends that we’ll be glad to recommend, including Koru Massage Therapy right down the street on Boylston in Back Bay.

Big things are afoot! We’re entering another awesome month of operation here at CrossFit Fenway. Officially, we’re starting our fifth month of operation, and I’m so excited about getting more of the “Big Picture” plan in place for all of us to enjoy!

First, you’ve probably met our two brand new Interns – Logan and Dennis! If you haven’t, I’m glad to introduce them here. We’re really excited to have both of these gentlemen aboard and helping keep us all moving forward.

dennisDennis is a Level 1 trainer who brought in a friend months ago, and is taking time this summer to spend 3 days a week working with you here at CrossFit Fenway, becoming a better coach and trainer. He’s also getting a few good workouts in, as well – you can see his times on the board with yours. He’s fast and strong, getting faster and stronger, and eager to help us all get there too.

loganLogan has been a member of CrossFit Fenway since January, and along with renewing his membership he’s decided to take the next step and become a CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer himself. In addition to his regular workout schedule, he’s also spending several days a week with us here, learning the basics and getting ready for his big Certification weekend coming up in June.

Both of these guys are excellent people, and you’ll see them getting even more involved in the coming weeks. If you don’t know them yet, introduce yourself and issue some congratulations… they’ll be running your warmups in a few weeks, so be nice to them.

Secondly, we’ve got friends with cameras! Erica and Evan Saint Clair are our erstwhile photographers you see around – say hi, they’re CrossFitters too! In addition to providing great photos for the blog, they’re making those shots available to you, also. They’ve put together a website gallery with all kinds of awesome photos from CrossFit Fenway, a CFF favorites gallery. Go check it out – you might see a great shot of yourself! I think you can buy prints there, too, if you want them. They make everyone look really good… except me, somehow. I always look pretty goofy in the photos somehow. (I am open to the idea that I am simply goofy-looking, and that the photos are just reminding me of this.) Take a look and let me know if this is a feature you’d like to see continued as a cool idea and something that’s fun for you!

Third, the circus is most definitely in town. You may notice that some new faces were in the gym Monday and Tuesday. This will continue, as Jill of Aircraft Aerial Arts has begun teaching trapeze and aerialist classes in our renovated Back Room. That back room will be used for CrossFit Fenway programming, too – so don’t be surprised when we break out some more Wall Ball and even the dreaded Rope Climbs! Meanwhile, take a peek at the circus apparatus and get excited! I’m bringing in several instructors over the next two months who will be teaching classes and private training in Silks (tissu), Corde Lisse (rope), Trapeze, Lyra, and other exciting gymnastic and acrobatic circus arts. If you’re interested in learning some of these fun skills, get in touch with me (JT)! Joanna and Rachel are also new on our roster of instructors – and their classes are filling up fast as well! Get in touch and reserve your spots soon!

These people could use a massage. And more color. Do I look pale?
These people could use a massage. And more color. Do I look pale?
Fourth, you may have noticed that we actually added a few doors when we cut a few holes in the wall. Behind Door Number 2 in the weight platform room is our Treatment Room… and that room will be open for business very soon! Next week, we hope to be offering massage services on a variety of days in the mornings and afternoons, at your convenience. I wanted to let you know that it is Arriving June 1.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have joined our community and help make it what it is – the finest place I could imagine working myself to exhaustion. You people are wonderful, and I’m so glad you’re here. If you’ve got any questions, or ideas about how I can make CFF a better place for you, please send me a note or let me know when you see me! See you soon at the facility!

13 thoughts on “Facility Updates: Photos, Interns, Massage, and Circus”

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  2. Is it me, or do Sandon and I look like we’re about to fight crime in another galaxy?

    Thx Erica!! 🙂

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Corde Lisse and the Lyra!!! I’ll be on them again this Sunday after a small 10K in the mud with Christina!

  4. Kristin – you certainly do. The dynamic duo is in full effect, as pictured here.

    Steph – so glad you’ve already jumped on the circus aerials wagon!

  5. I was TERRIBLE at the rope climb when I was in High School . . . so I’m pretty thrilled to give it another shot after these last few months of CFF. 🙂 Great update, very exited about all of it!

    Kristin, yes, you and Sandon totally look like crime fighters in that pic. :p

  6. Cool! I’ll round up email addresses for all of you who are interested and send out a note with details on getting started on the circus/aerials program!

    (Just a note for the people who are curious: I don’t own all the ropes/apparatus back there – those belong to the circus instructors. Please play with *my* toys and leave *their* toys alone, unless they’re there to supervise! Thanks!)

  7. Awesom noontime workout today. Was my first “nooner”

    We pushed it and did the WOD in the parking lot under the mid day sun. Just another example of how CFF members like to push their internal boundaries and take it to the next level.

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