Extra Incentive

Tuesday we’re looking to maximize power output with an incentive laden interval workout.  Beyond the normal reasons for doing as much work as quickly as possible, we’ve also got the prospect of bonus recovery time, as well as penalty burpees.  It will be to your benefit to hold onto the barbell or kettlebell once you get it moving, and transition quickly from one exercise to the next.  This is sprint training for your metcon.

February 8, 2011

Strength: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

5 Individually Timed Rounds:
13 Push Presses (50kg/35kg)
13 Kettlebell Swings (32kg/24kg)
1 Minute Recovery

*1 minute cap on each round
*Finishing within the cap grants additional recovery time
*1 burpee penalty during recovery time for each rep not completed within the cap

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10 thoughts on “Extra Incentive”

  1. FS – 55kg, need to work on getting deeper on these.

    WOD: 25kg push press and 1.25 pood swings, which provided a total of 26 penalty burpees for me (15 of which were from the last round).

  2. FS – 45kg PR (with new hands and butt thanks to Haley and JT)
    WOD: still treading lightly on shoulder which meant only the bar 15kg and 12kg KB. No burpees.

  3. Front Squat: 100kg
    WOD: 10 Body Weight Dead Lift (75kg)
    10 Air Squats
    20 Box Jumps 24″
    Penalty = Toes to Bar
    Score = 8 TTB

  4. FS: 105kg (pr)
    RX’d w lots of reps that probably should have been no repped as far as push press goes.
    Burpees per round were: 0,0,3,10,17. Things kind of fell apart

  5. FS: 110kg
    WOD: as Rx. Penalties: 0,0,3,16,20

    Did not complete 11 penalty burpees (did them after the WOD). Eric was going to make me row 500m for each missed burpee, but he took pity on me and only made me row an extra 500m.

  6. FS: 47kg
    WOD: at 25kg and 16kg 0-0-3-13-20. that got hard REAL fast. 25kg turned out to be way more aggressive than i was expecting.

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