1 of Joe's 27 squat cleans at last weekend's Garage Games New England Finals

Squat cleans and ring dips.  A pair of movements that require a relatively higher degree of technique, and both are detrimental to an athlete’s ability to complete the other.  Spending a significant amount of time in a loaded front rack position will always negatively impact upper body dominant gymnastics movements.  That’s probably why they’re paired together so often, and a big part of what makes Elizabeth such a great benchmark.  Efficient movement is a must for a fast finish this Friday.

November 18, 2011
Squat Cleans (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

Compare to 110603

15 thoughts on “Elizabeth”

  1. 11:25 at 65# and a red band. i had major squat clean issues today – my back already hurts!

    many congrats to joe and erika for beasting it. so proud of you guys!

    also, my sister is running marathon #6 this weekend in philly with a goal of breaking 3 hours (with her, that means she won’t be satisfied unless it’s closer to 2:50) so i will be there cheering her on. everyone channel super fast marathon endurance crazy energy sunday morning for her!

  2. 8:21 at 25 kg (55lbs) and 2 red bands for round 1, then 1 red band…I realized I over scaled on round 1 and dropped a band. (Should use more weight next time too.)

  3. 12:28@110#

    Didn’t trust my squat cleans enough to go Rx. There is always next time. Thanks for the great pointer on the cleans Josh. Great class 6pm’ers.

  4. 26:15 Rx
    Thanks to Joe for leaving the clock on.
    And thanks to the 5… and 6pm for the support.
    I’m going to say there’s room for improvement on this one- well done everyone!

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