Eating Big, Holiday Edition. Or, WWJTD(FAKB)

Scene: Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA. July 4th. I am hungry. I approach the snack bar, and thank heaven that they’re running a grill.

JT: “I’ll take 4 cheeseburgers. No buns.”
Kid: “Wat?”

I’ve gotten used to this. A few minutes later, I’m happily nomming away on a pound of meat. It’s a blazing hot day, though, and there’s one more question I’ve got to ask. So I stroll back up to the counter…

Kid: Can I help you?
JT: What would I do for a Klondike Bar?
Kid: I dunno. What would you do?
JT: That’s a dangerous question.
Kid: How about 25 jumping jacks?
JT: How about Burpees instead?
Kid: What’s a Burpee?
JT: (demonstrates)
Kid: Yeah, I’d give you a Klondike bar for that.
(…10 burpees later, a crowd forms…)
Kids 2-20 to Kid: You’re making him do that?
Kid to Kids 2-20: I’m not making him, I just asked him what he’d do for a Klondike Bar!
(…25 burpees later…)
Kid: Here you go man. *hands me two Klondike bars*
JT: You, sir, are a prince.
*round of applause from every kid working at Crane Beach on the holiday weekend*

This is another example of good things coming from talking to strangers. And from Burpees.

What would YOU do?
What would YOU do?

No, ice cream isn’t really part of the strict paleo. It’s definitely the “dirtiest” thing I eat, I think. It’s got sugar in it, and nothing else really does. Still, I’m okay with it. I’m indulging. This phase of the experiment is about eating Big and (mostly) clean paleo with dairy added, and seeing what happens. If it’s hampering my progress a little, I’m okay – we’ll see that at the two week mark and make an adjustment.

Experiment Progress Update: I’ve been eating big now for just over a week. In the first week, I gained 7 pounds. Wait, what? My goal was 10 pounds in a month! I guess I’ll make it there. I have been sticking to the regular CrossFit Fenway programming, working out with you guys in the regular classes. The only additional training I’m doing right now is a small set of homework: 1 set of 20 squats, done every other day. Those squats started at 65% of my 1 Rep Max, and I’m trying to move them up 5 pounds every set. It’s not extensive homework (I think Haley has the biggest load of homework assignments) and so it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to warm up, get ready, stop goofing around, and get the darn squats done. This experiment will see if that very basic extra strength loading, plus the regular CF Fenway protocol, plus a heavy (and clean) caloric burden, will increase strength and lean mass.

Of course, I’m not going to stop this experiment before the month is over unless something goes way off the rails, but for right now I’ll keep an eye on the amount of weight I’m gaining. I’ll take another body fat reading at the halfway point next Wednesday, and check on my body composition. In the meantime, as long as I’m not feeling ill and my strength continues to improve, I’m going to see just what results this kind of caloric load produces. If I overshoot the weight goal, okay – I’m more focused on getting good data than on any given end-product in my body at this point.

Once I’ve got good data from a lot of experiments, I’ll have the knowledge and tools to use to create precisely the results I’m looking for. I’ll also have the self-knowledge and inner strength to know that I am capable of applying those tools and techniques (diet and exercise) in a disciplined and consistent way that will produce those results.

Here’s to making hard choices. Cheers!

Saturday, July 3rd

Kefir (110/9/3/11)
2 scoops whey protein (180/4/0/40)
Almond Butter (195/2/16/7)
6 eggs (420/6/27/36)
Cheese (110/1/9/6)
Fage-0%-fat Greek Yogurt (90/7/0/15)
2 Scoops Whey Protein (180/4/0/40)
12 oz NY Strip Steak (600/0/14/90)
1 cup kefir + 2 scoops whey protein (290/13/3/51)
ice cream… glorious ice cream (150/14/10/2)
1 cup whole milk (150/12/8/8)
2-4oz filet mignons, bacon wrapped (440/0/30/44)
fage greek yogurt + 1 scoop chocolate whey protein (135/5/0/27)
ice cream (150/14/10/2)
1 cup whole milk (150/12/8/8)
2 scoops whey protein (180/4/0/40)
Totals: 3530 calories. 107g Carbs, 128g fats, 427g Protein.
– You may notice that I have almost entirely dropped vegetables from my diet. I know this isn’t desirable. However, veggies take TIME, and I am just about out of it. I am going to make a concerted effort next week to get more veggies in there – but for now, it feels like all this dairy (about half my calories, at least) is the only thing keeping me going. Wild weird world.

Sunday, July 4th

6 eggs (420/6/27/36)
2 chicken sausages (300/2/18/30)
kefir + 2 scoops (290/13/3/51)
4 burgers + Cheese (1040/4/66/92)
Klondike Bar (250/29/14/3)
kefir + 2 scoops (290/13/3/51)
whole milk + 1 scoop whey (240/14/8/28)
Almond Butter (195/2/16/7)
Chicken Breast (280/0/6/53)
Chocolate Milk (mmm, tasty gourmet organic dessert) (240/33/7/10)
2 glasses red wine (250/0/0/0)
Totals: 3795 calories. 116g carbs, 168g fat, 361g protein.

Monday, July 5th

6 eggs (420/6/27/36)
chicken sausage (130/2/5/22)
Fage greek yogurt + 2 scoops whey protein (270/11/0/55)
Cheese (110/1/9/6)
Kefir + 2 scoops whey (290/13/3/51)
12 oz steak (600/0/21/90)
Goat Milk Ice Cream (fuck yeah) (140/18/6/5)
24 oz Bay Scallops (600/12/0/68)
Fage + 2 scoops (270/11/0/55)
Kefir + 2 scoops whey (290/13/3/51)
Totals: 3130 calories. 87g carbs, 74g fats, 439g Protein
– Not so bad! I’m definitely leaning on the dairy for carbs, and not consuming enough vegetables. And by “enough”, I mean “any”. I’ll look into fixing this.

Tuesday, July 6th

Kefir + 2 scoops whey (290/13/3/51)
Ham pack (500/0/20/90)
2 pounds Shrimp (770/0/0/119)
Sauce (40/8/0/0)
Chicken Breast (280/0/6/53)
Salad (80/2/4/2)
2 Meatballs (320/6/24/20)
Almonds (190/2/16/5)
whey shake (160/2/3/30)
ice cream (140/18/6/5)
Kefir + 2 scoops whey (290/13/3/51)
Whole milk + 2 scoops whey (330/16/8/48)
ice cream (180/20/8/5)
Larabar (210/25/13/3)
Totals: 3780 calories. 125g carbs, 114g fats, 482g Protein
– Damn! Overshot the protein, overshot on carbs, undershot calories. I’m not that worried about the carbs, and when I’m eating protein by the 2-pound-shrimp-bag, I’m bound to go over sometimes… but I need more fats. Good fats. This will become a trend, I suspect.

Wednesday, July 5th

4 whey shakes (640/8/12/120)
Kefir + 2 scoops whey (290/13/3/51)
2 pounds Shrimp (770/0/0/119)
Cocktail Sauce (40/10/0/0)
10oz NY Strip Sirloin (500/0/23/75)
6oz Steak (300/0/15/45)
Salad (140/2/6/14)
Broccoli (75/6/0/9)
Whole milk + 2 scoops whey (330/16/8/48)
ice cream (140/18/6/5)
Totals: 3225 calories. 73g carbs, 73g fats, 486g Protein
– I’m so used to eating lean that I’m not getting enough fats. I know how to fix that… NUTS. Lots of them. I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

Thursday, July 5th

2 shakes (320/4/6/60)
2 cups whole Milk (300/24/16/16)
4 scoops whey protein (370/8/0/80)
Panera Bread: Chicken Caesar (no dressing) and Broccoli Cheddar soup: (470/18/22/42)
Almonds (570/6/48/15)
Sunflower Seeds (170/2/15/6)
Pumpkin Seeds (280/4/22/15)
Whey shake (230/9/11/22)
Pistachios (340/12/26/12)
Porterhouse Steak (720/0/50/88)
Broccoli & Asparagus (90/6/0/9)
2 glasses red wine (250/0/0/0)
Almonds (380/4/32/10)
Totals: 4550 calories. 97g carbs, 248g fats, 375g Protein
– Finally starting to get my protein in the morning spread out when I’m coaching. That’s a relief. Also, finally got all the calories I’m supposed to get in a day! Thanks to eating piles of nuts. Is that really what it takes? Sheesh. I’ll keep trying.

The good news is that I woke up Friday and felt like a million bucks. No “giant eating day” hangover, no wine hangover, no nothing but awesome. I’m betting that the 9 hours of sleep I got have a lot to do with that, but I think the heavy fats and calorie count also helps.

Of course, it’s noon Friday already and I’ve only had 600 calories. Gotta go catch up! See you again soon.

3 thoughts on “Eating Big, Holiday Edition. Or, WWJTD(FAKB)”

  1. Awesome! Good luck ahead. I love Kefir!!! 😀 Russian staple that was forced on me since childhood hehehe. But I lately like it, even store ones – maybe cause of tasty sugar. hehehe
    All the best!

  2. I love the whole Burpees for a Klondike bar situation. It should be put into commercial form.

    JT, I’m very impressed at the amount of weight you have been able to gain in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to see if the weight gained is proportionate to the strength gained.

    Awesome job.

  3. Thanks, Tanya! Kefir is awesome. I personally like the “Lifeway” brand – easy to find, low in sugar, comes in an organic version and has full fat, lowfat, or nonfat varieties. (Plain, of course, no added sugar.)

    Dennis: weight varies every day with all kinds of factors. I am trying not to watch it too closely, but I can perceive the changes in my body on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m bigger, sometimes I’m leaner. It’s hard to say what’s what, but I can say that SLEEP makes all the difference – more sleep is better for everything.

    Strength: I started high-bar back squats at 65kg x16 (didn’t make it to 20) on July 1. Today I managed 80kg x20, 10 days later. That’s 5 lifting sessions of improvements for 15kg, which is a good rate of gain. So, the strength is actually gaining FASTER than the weight, at the moment.

    If I can keep that up (3.3# up per day) then theoretically I’ve got 27kg (59#) of improvements still ahead of me at the maximum. That would put me at 107kg x20, which is above my current 1-Rep-Max.

    Again, theoretically, this would result in a 1RM high-bar back squat of 164kg, which is about 2x body weight. Hard to believe, but perhaps it’s possible if I keep eating big and doing my squats – along with CrossFit. Let’s see how it works out.

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