Double Fran

Trick or treat on the Friday before Halloween.  This is not a trick, this workout is real.  We’ll see how it treats you.  Here’s a preview to the CrossFit Journal video article about 2010 CrossFit Games Champion Graham Holmberg’s experience with Double Fran (WMV/MOV).

October 29th, 2010

WOD: Double Fran
2 Rounds:
Thrusters (95#/65#)


Get ready to play dress up for time.  This Saturday’s Invasion will be hosted at CrossFit Fenway.  The only requirement to RX it is that you complete the workout in costume.  File under “constantly varied”.

Several of your CrossFit Fenway teammates are competing in the Beast of the East throwdown at CrossFit New England on Saturday, November 6th.  Many more are planning on coming out to support them.  Join us Friday, November 5th at 7:30 PM for a pre-throwdown potluck.  RSVP here, and post the item you’ll be bringing to the comments.

Compete in the most physically demanding obstacle course available on Saturday, November 13th in Marshfield at Ruckus Boston 2010Stephanie Schneider is helping to organize the CrossFit Fenway team.  Please contact her if you’d like to participate, as discounts are available for teams.

11 thoughts on “Double Fran”

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  2. Fran 1 = 9:50
    Fran 2 = 13:49 (total 23:39)

    25kg, purple band. Not thrilled, but considering the thought of “DNF” actually did cross my mind I’ll take it. Thanks to everyone who simply yelled my name…I tried to earn it today.

    Awesome job to my fellow 5:30’ers and the 6:30 folks too.

  3. Fran 1 – 7:26
    Fran 2 – 11:37
    Total – 19:03

    After getting beat down in that 100 thruster-burpee extravaganza, then being reminded of how much I suck at pull-ups during AMBAP, Double Fran was very daunting so I scaled the crap out of it. 20 kg thrusters and green+purple bands on the pull-ups. Basically I either scaled correctly (according to Stacey) or I sandbagged it (according to Sandon). Jury is out! Either way, I look forward to doing this again with heavier thrusters and less bands and hopefully going just as quickly.

  4. 19 kg/purple AND green bands…
    got it done (barely)
    25.40 total
    Arms went boneless on the second round…Fran2…not so nice.
    Happy Halloweenie!!

  5. 30 5′ 10″ 180
    Under much protest from my body and mind….

    Fran1 12:23
    Fran2 17:40
    Total 30:03

    Both Frans were with 20lb weight vest…(one day I’m gona take this thing off and see what I can do)

    Thanks again CFF for kicking my A$$

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