Double Barbell

Workouts that include two or more barbell movements offer a different challenge and stress than those with primarily bodyweight movements, or a more even split between the two.  This can definitely be a goat (or donkey, depending on the noise it makes) for some athletes.  This type of conditioning calls for more time spent under load, attempting to apply force and manipulate external objects, rather than controlling your body alone in space.

Tuesday’s workout should be an interesting combination.  The weight will ideally be manageable, so you can go unbroken, or very close, and although not the most graceful it allows for a quick, direct transition between the two movements from round to round.  What’s listed below may look like a daunting task glowing on the screen of your computer of smart phone, but don’t be intimidated, this is a workout you can really get after, and we encourage you to scale it (up or down) as such.

October 18, 2011
Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3

Overhead Squats (45kg/30kg)
Box Jumps (24″/20″)
Power Cleans (45kg/30kg)

25 thoughts on “Double Barbell”

  1. PC – 60kg
    WOD: 14:08 @ 40kg

    Good to be back in the box after 10 days away in Las Vegas and Orange County.

    Thanks to JT for the power clean tips.

    1. Yeah Great Job Scott and I agree thanks JT for the help! It was nice having a small class this morning, haha. Extra Focus 🙂

      1. I did go to a box in Vegas once… but you know – it’s Vegas. Tough to get there consistently. Didn’t make it to a box in Orange County. I was sleeping in every day.

  2. PC: 45 for 3. Got 50 up twice, but it just wasn’t happening a third time. So close to BW clean.

    WOD: 10:11 Rx I haven’t overhead squatted in far too long.

  3. PC: 65kg
    WOD: 16:11 Rx

    I knew this was going to be a slow RX for me, so apologies to the 12:30 class! Felt like I was moving in slow motion…tick…tock…oh well. It was still fun as hell!

  4. PC — 44kg, got 46 up for one and then blew the second.

    WOD — 11:07 Rx. Too much time messing with the collars even though I know better. The 6:30 crew was a fast one!

  5. Like Kenny Powers, I’m staging a comeback…hopefully I won’t have to go play minor league ball in Mexico to do so…

    Its good to be back and see so many old and so many new faces

    WOD: Around 15, not rx’d

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