Don’t Put It Down

We’ve got another challenge for you Wednesday, 100m of overhead walking lunges without putting down the plate, sandwiched between 800m runs.  This challenge is more mental than physical, and is completely doable.  Will yourself to hold on for the duration, knowing that once you begin lunging if the rubber hits the road (of goes below your knees for that matter) that it’s going to cost you 5 burpees.  That’s time and energy that could be better spent getting this WOD done fast as you can.

June 8, 2011
Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

800m Run
100m Overhead Walking Lunge (20kg/10kg)
800m Run

*Lunges are from the side of the building to Kilmarnock Street and back.

*Once the athlete begins their lunges they may rest, but the plate must remain above the knees.  If the plate goes below their knees there is an immediate 5 burpee penalty before lunges may be resumed.
*20 minute cap.

Support the Team!

Regionals are right around the corner, and the CrossFit Fenway team is training hard, readying themselves to represent our box against the best athletes the Northeast has to offer.  Be there to support our athletes Friday, June 17th, Saturday, June 18th, and Sunday, June 19th at Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Put It Down”

  1. Push-up volume training instead of jerks due to mending hands.
    WOD: 14:05 rx

    !!!!!!Happy 30th to Jen K!!!!!

  2. This was my first Rx WOD so I figured it should be my first post:

    Jerk: 27 kg (it took me three times to get all three; third time’s a charm, right?)
    WOD: Somewhere between 14:04 and 14:11 Rx

  3. Jerk: 70kg (80×2)
    WOD: 12:25 Rx
    and then…bonus one year anniversary WOD – half angie from yesterday: 10:00 even.
    looking forward to another great year!

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