Do It Anywhere

Tuesday’s workout is like an unnamed CrossFit benchmark.  It’s showed up many a time in mainsite programming, and in this age of easy access GPS it can be done anytime and anywhere.  You don’t need a pull-up bar, a jump rope, or an Abmat.  You could use a treadmill in a pinch (set to 2% incline to simulate actual running), but why would you want to?  This workout could literally be done naked, just like a caveman, although not encouraged, as you’d likely be risking incarceration.  It’s more fun with friends anyway, so join us Tuesday, and keep your shirt on.

May 10, 2011

Strength: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

4 Rounds:
400m Run
50 Air Squats

Compare to 100707

7 thoughts on “Do It Anywhere”

  1. DL: 70kg, which is also my 5 rep max from Thursday night. 75kg wasn’t even coming off the ground and 72 came up with my back.

    WOD: 12:50

  2. DL — 100kg, PR for 3-spot

    Mod WOD (nursing a cranky IT band) —
    4 rounds:
    500m row
    25 KBS @ 1 pood
    30 d/u’s

    20:57, meh

      1. Lots of quality time with foam roller, The Stick and lax balls. FYI, sleeping the entire night with a bag of frozen vegetables in one’s bed is ill-advised.

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