Ditching Your Binky, Part II

We’re continuing the discussion of workout security blankets talkin’ ’bout tape.  Our main reasons for using tape are for injury avoidance, either preventing tears of the skin, or supporting a joint.  If you have a cut that needs to be covered in order to workout, or if you have a known injury that needs to be supported tape is fine (and I appreciate you not leaving your DNA on the equipment), but I see many of you taped from your knuckles to your wrists in preparation for any number of movements on a daily basis.

By taping up before every workout you’re limiting some adaptation that could be had without tape.  If your hands are always covered they will not toughen up, making blistering and tearing more frequent when tape is not available.  If your wrists are wrapped every time you lift they will not grow as strong as they could be.  Not to mention that you’re leaving a gross, sticky residue everywhere.

Incorrect taping (too tight or too loose) can cause additional blisters or tearing.  Too tight and the skin is pinched.  Too loose and an additional sliding surface has been added between your hands and the object being gripped, as well as allowing moisture to build up between tape and skin.  Either case will likely cause your attention to go from the work at hand to the tape on your hands, a potential time suck.  Make yourself more functional, save yourself some time, and please stop mummifying yourself.

December 14, 2010

Strength: Clean

2k Row
Max Rep Thrusters (60kg/45kg)

*Subtract 5 seconds from your row time for every thruster.  Score is resulting time.


Saturday, December 18th at 89 Oxford Street in Arlington join our gracious hosts Sam and Nathan, as well as more CrossFit Fenway friends in welcoming home the guest of honor Dennis Moriconi.  Dennis is returning home from a semester at sea.  Festivities will begin around 7 PM

CrossFit Newton is hosting a 3 workout team throwdown on Saturday, January 29th beginning at 9 AM.  Teams are to consist of 2 men and 1 woman, all of whom need to be able to do pull-ups and double unders.  The entry fee is $10 per person.  If you’re interested in participating, please e-mail Jodie Cohen from CFN.

12 thoughts on “Ditching Your Binky, Part II”

  1. WOD: 8:49 + 2 reps of thrusters Rx = 8:39; man am I bad at rowing!

    Great job by the 5:30, especially Sandon and John C on their rows! JT – thanks for helping me “clean” up my form – I need to keep working at it.

  2. Cleans: 70 Kg (still needs work)
    WOD: 7:53+ 8 reps rx = 7:13
    Great to see everyone at 5:30. Nice Work on the cleans Shrujal!

  3. Clean: 40. I either need to consciously work on form, or I need to put weight on and bring myself to some sort of limit.

    7:14 Row
    4 Thrusters = 6:54 RX

  4. Clean – 80kg
    WOD – 7:59 + 11 reps = 7:04

    In life as in a football game, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hard.
    – Theodore Roosevelt

  5. Been sick and injured the past 2 weeks so just getting back into things:

    (Power) Clean: 60kg
    WOD – 7:42 + 12 reps (75lbs.) First time doing thrusters…

  6. 90kg squat clean. WOD 5:46 RX. 7:01 Row with 15 thrusters. Thanks to everyone who gives me corrections/pointers on my form, I really see it paying off

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