We talk about scaling appropriately every day.  Whatever your goal, whether scaled up or down, you should keep your score in mind.  CrossFit is a performance based program.  Whether the score is a time, or number of reps, at the end of each workout there’s always a new data point to be tracked as we work towards improved performance.  Friday’s workout it Diane.  When this one came up recently at CrossFit Boston our friends had this helpful advice on scaling:

The appropriate time frame for completion of “Diane” is anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes.  I have seen it completed under 4 minutes as Rx’d, which is pretty impressive.  If you found your time being slower than the 10 minute mark then you did not scale appropriately.  Look back at the workout and determine where was the bottleneck.  Was it the handstand push-ups?  If so you should decrease the volume.  If it was the deadlifts, go lighter.  How ’bout the opposite scenario, a sub 4 minute “Diane”?  Then you can either increase the load for the deadlift or you can perform the Handstand Push-ups on parallettes or some bumper plates to increase the range of motion.  Either way is fine but do not increase the volume!

As you prepare for the workout, take a couple of minutes to really analyze it so that you can make better choices for loading and volume.  It really will take you so much farther in the end!

As with all of our workouts, there are lots of ways to scale Diane.  Think about what would best help you work towards your fitness goals, and come ready to give it everything you’ve got.

August 20th, 2010

WOD: Diane
Deadlift (225#/155#)
Handstand Push-ups


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The Red Sox homestand continues Friday.  There is no free parking available in the lot around CrossFit Fenway during evening classes.

15 thoughts on “Diane”

  1. Diane – 8:20 Rx, Deadlifts were ok but i SUCKED on the HSPU’s. Actually the first round was ok but 15 and 9 had way too many singles. Just another movement to add to my expanding homework list….yikes.

    1. Right there with you bud…deadlift was fine but HSPU were ugly

      12:41 Rx, I guess I should have used 1 abmat. On a different note, damn nice to meet the bodyweight assassin,…YOSH!

  2. Stacey, thanks for throwing more weight on my DL this morning!! lol 🙂
    WOD: 6:37
    21 DL at 35 kg
    15, 9 DL at 45kg
    push ups from knees

  3. 4:59 with 50kg and 2 abmat HSPUs.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight! Kristin and I will be there at 7pm sharp. You should be, too.

    1. I have a meeting with “Diane” @ 5, then I’ll be there! What part of the bar is everyone congregating to? I’ve never been.

  4. 6:25 Rx

    Good: First set of HSPU unbroken
    Bad: Hips not completely locked out at the top of my deadlifts. Stacey says no rep at competition.
    Ugly: Back rounded for every deadlift rep. I will pay for that later.

  5. Diane: 14:24 60kg, regular push-ups.
    It wasn’t so much my deadlifts that were giving me the problem. In fact, I probably could have gone heavier. It was those push-ups. Not even handstand push-ups. Just regular ones. Stacey making me bring my chest all the way to the deck (rather than really close to deck) just really, really slows them down and fatigues me much faster. I now have new homework.

    Nice work 7:30 crew.

  6. 7:26rx wod

    deadlifts were pretty much unbroken throughout, hspu’s were not as strong as i would have liked, plenty of singles and plenty of kipping.

    21 unbroken hspu’s Nathan? that is sick – great job crushing this workout!

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