Diane pairs a very basic feat of strength, picking a heavy barbell up off the ground, with one of the more technical bodyweight exercises we practice.  It’s like a circus sideshow in a WOD.  You might not expect one to significantly effect the other, but this combination certainly makes each rep that much more challenging.  Hold on tight, stay on the wall, and see where you’re at with this classic benchmark Friday.

December 9, 2011

Deadlift (225#/155#)
Handstand Push-ups

Compare to 110728



As some of you may know, David Kelts’ brother is currently serving in Afghanistan and he’s taking part in collecting holiday cards for hospitalized and injured veterans. The American Red Cross has teamed up with Pitney Bowes in a campaign called “Holidays for Heroes” and David purchased a bunch of holiday greeting cards and left them at CrossFit Fenway. Please feel free to sign 1 or 10 of them and place in the envelope, he’ll take care of mailing the bunch Friday, December 9th! It’s a simple way to say thanks and happy holidays to those who’ve lost so much while serving.

The 2012 CrossFit Games season is coming.  CrossFit Fenway is formally beginning our preparations this Saturday, December 10th at 8 AM with a meeting for all athletes interested in competing.  Please e-mail Eric with any questions, or if you would like to participate, but cannot make it.

13 thoughts on “Diane”

  1. Diane 2.25.11 — 11:28 w/155# DLs and 25# DB presses
    Diane 12.9.11 — 7:02 w/155# DLs and HSPUs to one AM

    There’s nothing quite like seeing a gray hair float down to the floor during DLs and realizing it came from your own head.

    Great to see Ron this morning, the 5:30 crew gave him a good show!

  2. Diane – 4:02 Rx

    Ron thanks for stopping by. It was great to see you and I look forward to having you back in 2012.

    Nice work 5:30!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who participated in the Holiday Mail for Heroes!!!!! I picked up the cards this morning and mailed them first thing. The cards are headed to Maryland where they’ll be mixed up and distributed to both service members and veterans abroad and home who are deployed and/or hospitalized. Your thoughtfulness will surely not go unnoticed this holiday season with all of your kind words. I also want to say a special thanks to Erica K, who had her middle school art students make cards, they were amazing!

    From a personal standpoint, I really feel strongly about supporting our service members at home and abroad. In an ideal world, there would be no violence or wars. From a global perspective, our service men and women are not all deployed in fighting wars, some are deployed in humanitarian efforts abroad, and hundreds of thousands of reserves are “on call” day and night around the world. They serve their country during good and bad times, and are the first there when humanitarian disasters (like the Japanese and Haiti earthquakes) strike, when a tyrant takes out his frustrations on his own people, or when disasters (like Katrina & 9/11) strike our own country. These men and women make our country great.

    Thank you all again, it was a great turnout and I’m so happy our CrossFit family could participate this year.

    Happy Holidays,

  4. 7/28/11: 8:08 @198# (90kg) and 1 abmat

    12/9/11: 12:11 @225# and 1 abmat

    Took five of the last six days off to help heal a few aching muscles and joints. Feeling like I will Rx this next time…

    1. Frank. Great time and great improvement! How did you go about working on HSPU? I assume that’s where you made up some time?

  5. 7/28/11: 9:15 @ 35kg and push-ups from a box

    12/9/11: 10:47 @ 55kg and HSPU with 3 ab mats

    Next stop RX hopefully ^_^

    Nice job 12:30! I wish I’d taken a pic of the head forward, butt-up stretch while we were all staring across the room at each other upside down.

  6. max c+j: 85kg, pr!
    wod 1: 80kg, missed #4. really, really loved this warmup/workout!
    Diane: 225#, 1 abmat. can’t remember now, but it was long and ugly. HSPU straight up sucked (I hope that’s not overly negative). hey, pretty psyched about that 85kg c+j, though. within a few pounds of 1 x body weight…

  7. Diane was, as Ben said, long and ugly. HSPUs took forever and probably should have scaled looking back. 17:37rx. Always something to work on

  8. Diane-ish : 10:03

    80kg DLs
    Weighted Lunges w/ 35# dumbbells (21-15-9 on each leg)

    Really wish I could’ve done HSPUs today…

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