Let’s be honest, Diane is all about the handstand push-ups.  Don’t get me wrong, the deadlifts matter too, but chances are pretty good that if you’re a CrossFitter feeling confident about attempting full range of motion handstand push-ups you can most likely handle this volume of deadlifts.  If you want a fast time on this one, you need to have good handstand push-ups.

So how much better are your handstand push-ups than last time we did Diane on August 20th, 2010?  There are many ways to scale them if needed.  Choose a challenging one, not a paralyzing one, and see it through to the end.

February 25, 2011
WOD: Diane
Deadlift (225#/155#)
Handstand Push-ups

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13 thoughts on “Diane”

  1. In August, I did 100# DLs and regular push-ups (sub 10 time, maybe around 8, can’t remember what I wrote).

    Today I did the full 155# DLs and got into the green band contraption to get full range of motion HSPUs. What a difference it makes to have tunnel vision from heavy DLs then to transition into the blood rushing to your head upside down and back again! 14:42.

  2. 9:52 Rx – which is about 50% worse than my previous result: 6:25 Rx on 8/20/10.

    The shoulders are relatively small, delicate structures that are easily worn down from consecutive days of training. I was sore coming in to the week from last weekend, and this week’s programming wasn’t particularly nice to my shoulders. Result: my dramatic drop in performance on Diane today.

    Referring back to my journal (beyondthewhiteboard.com), I’ve also noticed that my 1 RM shoulder press drops by more than 10% on days where my shoulders or elbows are hurting from previous days’ efforts vs days where I am fresh.

    What does this all mean? It means, know your body. You had better believe that during Open Sectionals, if the WOD announced on Tuesday contains pressing movements, I won’t be putting anything heavy overhead or doing any muscle ups in the week leading up to game day.

  3. This was my first meeting with Diane, it lasted 11:28 with 155# DLs and 25# DB presses. I might have broken my neck in the band contraption based on how my first attempt during warm-up went.

    I’ve neglected to work on HSPUs and am due to start spending a lot more time upside-down.

    “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

    Great work 5:30er’s!

  4. WOD: 10:54 w/90kg (198#) DLs, and green and purple banded HSPUs.

    I always get excited when we repeat workouts, so I can compare. Case in point – today, I wasn’t thrilled with my performance, but then I looked back at “Diane” on 8/20/10 and noticed it took me 14:28 with 60kg DLs and regular push-ups rather than HSPUs. It’s amazing how far you can come in 6 months.

    And thanks to Joe for spotting me and getting me into the HSPU banded contraption. I’m sure it was a workout for him as well.

  5. 15:00 with 1 abmat. Not great and bad form on the Dead lifts, but I got my first HSPUs before the WOD and even did some without the abmat at the start. Good-bye contraption.

  6. 12:36. DL with 90kg and HSPU’s with 1 abmat and 5kg plate. This was a big step–my first HSPU’s in a WOD (they were not easy and my form sucked, but I’ll take it!). I will be psyched to see Diane again in a few months and try the unassisted RX.

    Can’t believe it’s only been 9 months of Crossfitting.

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