Dialed In

“Dialed In” is what we call it when you’re under way and have worked out all the bugs in the system. You’ve played with the knobs and the settings and have everything set optimally to get you to your destination. I’m not Dialed In yet, but I’m definitely back on course.

4 days, people. I’m back on track, back on the wagon, and back to getting the whole routine Dialed In. I’m blogging regularly, writing more for you, and adhering to the diet plan better, too. Simple choices, yes… and it feels good to be making time for these simple choices again.

What can I tell you? Thanks for the input on the blogs as we go – it helps to know y’all are still paying attention. There was a question about “what is salad” not too long ago – that’s an easy one. My salads are usually just lettuces of several varieties – frequently a box of “spring mix” or “50/50 spring mix and spinach”. I’ll eat them ry with salt and pepper, or dump whatever meat I’m eating onto them and go to town.

I like the Annie’s Organic boxed salads because they’re wicked easy to keep around and transport… and I also like that they support and donate to a local urban farming education project in Dorcester/Roxbury/Boston.

More stories and details below. Thanks for bearing with me as I get it together and get it all dialed in. If I can build some good momentum, I may get enough enthusiasm to try a (gasp) Phase Three. Oh, goodness. What next?

Wednesday, 6/16/10

10oz NY Strip Sirloin (500/0/23/75)
6oz Steak (300/0/15/45)
Salad (40/2/0/4)
16oz shrimp (350/0/0/85)
sauce (20/5/0/0)
turkey cold cuts (300/3/3/55)
4 Mahi Mahi Burgers (480/0/20/72)
Salad (30/3/0/2)
8oz Bay Scallops (200/4/0/34)
Almond Milk (160/8/10/4)
Totals: 2380 cals, 25g carbs, 71g fat, 376g protein

– Dialed in, like I said. The only questionable bit is the Almond Milk, and I’m okay with it.

Thursday, 6/17/10

Ham Steak (180/4/4/30)
2 pounds (!!) Shrimp (770/0/0/187)
Cocktail Sauce (40/10/0/0)
Ham Cold Cuts (525/0/21/94)
Almonds (170/2/15/6)
Almond Milk (90/3/7/3)
Scotch (95/0/0/0)
Steak, 3oz (150/0/7/23)
Scallops, 8oz (200/4/0/34)
Almonds (170/2/15/6)
Totals: 2390 cals. 25g carbs, 59g fat, 383g protein

– Yes, again with the almonds. Almost gone from the house, now – just one more serving left (and that gets eaten Friday morning). It was a very late night, my last in town before traveling.

Lots of good protein, and then a late night snack of steak and scallops and almonds before tucking in. Strictly necessary? No – and if I didn’t cook it, I’d have to throw it away. As it is, it made for a great post-circus-and-dancing meal before bed.

Of course, food at 2am is rarely the best idea, but it made sense at the time.

Friday, 6/18/10

Almonds (170/2/15/6)
Grass Fed Roast Beef (240/0/9/26)
Ham Steak (350/10/7/59)
Meat Salad – Moe’s SW Grill (480/4/20/68)
Salad (20/1/0/2)
6 KFC Grilled Boneless Filets (780/0/12/162)
Grapes (130/31/0/1)
Totals: 2370 calories. 48g carbs, 63g fat, 324g protein

– Started out in Boston, ended up in Iowa. On the way, grabbed some airport food in Atlanta, thankfully there was a “Chipotle-like” burrito joint that I could convince to give me a pile of meat on top of a bed of lettuce, onions, and peppers. Mmm, mmm, good.

Speaking of good, thank goodness for KFC. For fast, clean protein on the road, I just cant beat those Grilled Boneless Filets. I ate 4, and went back for 2 more. The girls behind the counter thought I was some kind of crazy, and I guess there’s a little truth to that.

THe almond jar is empty. No more almonds. Until we got on the plane, and Chandra tells me she brought me some almonds to snack on. *sigh* She doesn’t read my blog. I asked her to hide the almonds and never speak of them again.

Saturday, 6/19/10

4 eggs (400/2/30/26)
Turkey cold cut pack (175/0/0/42)
Pork Rinds (320/0/20/36)
Steak 16oz (800/0/36/120)
4 slices bacon (160/0/14/8)
2 salads + dressing (200/14/14/4)
Raisins (130/31/0/1)
Red Wine (125/0/0/0)
Scotch (95/0/0/0)
Totals: 2405 cals, 47g carbs, 114g fat, 237g protein

– Iowa is IoWonderful, once the world-ending thunderstorm has passed. Of course, I’m IoWondering what I’ll eat IoWhile at the IoWedding reception. On the way in, I pick up a few packs of cold cuts to keep me away from grandma-cookies. I know my days are going to be higher-fat, lower-protein as I eat whatever I can scavenge.

As it turns out, the wedding is full of cream-covered chicken and veggies… and fortunately they’ve also got steak medallions wrapped in bacon. I get 4 of those, a few plates of salad, and call it a day.

Note: I wasn’t planning on drinking at this wedding, but the DJ played “Mony Mony” and the Electric Slide back-to-back. I don’t normally drink to dull the pain but it seemed a prudent choice at the time.

Back in a few more days to Boston, then out to Maryland. I’ll be keeping you in the loop the whole way as we close in on the home stretch of this experiment!

Picture: Coming to you live from the free Wi-Fi at the Fairfield, Iowa “Hy-Vee” grocery store. I can’t make this stuff up.

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