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It’s been showing up at the bottom of the blog recently, but I think it deserves its own post.  For the second consecutive year CrossFit Fenway has been nominated as one of the best health clubs in Boston in the Boston Phoenix 2011 Best Poll.  Thanks to everyone who helped get us to this point again.  Now it’s time to finish the job.

The logo on the upper left hand side of our website banner represents more than just a great place to workout.  It’s about the supportive, inspirational, encouraging community all of you have created.  The people are what make this place amazing.  CrossFit Fenway is a place to see friends, laugh, and have fun as we work together towards a higher level of fitness.  It’s a place where you challenge yourself to push a little harder, and be a little better than yesterday.  Go, vote, be heard, and let everyone know your gym is the best in Boston.

To vote, go here and select CrossFit Fenway (once a day per e-mail address).  Be sure to complete the survey by hitting the submit vote button, followed by the skip to finish button, entering your name and e-mail address, and then hitting vote now, otherwise your vote won’t count.

Tuesday, February 22

Clean Complex 3-3-3-3-3

  • Clean Pull
  • Hang Power Clean
  • Front Squat

4 Muscle-ups
250m Row
12 Box Jumps (30″/24″)

*Scale muscle-ups to 12 pull-ups and 12 ring dips

15 thoughts on “Defend Our Title”

  1. First and foremost, amazing picture Kyle!

    Clean – worked up to 42 kg for 1, needs more practice as I know I can do more than this.
    WOD – 2 rounds + 29 with one red on pull-ups and one red on dips. First time back on the 24″ box!

    Hope your shin is feeling better Rach!

  2. Strength: max weight GHD – 25 kg – thanks Joe!

    modified AMRAP – 3 rds + 12 KB SDHP
    12 ring rows
    12 one arm push ups (green)
    20 KB SDHP @ 16kg
    12 box jumps @ 20″

  3. 35 kg on the cleans. Happy with my form.
    WOD: I really wanted the 24″ box and I guess it wanted me too cuz it took a big bite out of my shin…Its just a flesh wound!

    finished on the 20″ box, red band dips and red & purple pull-ups.
    2 rounds + 24 reps.

  4. cleans didn’t go so well today…still pretty fatigued from friday/saturday

    WOD: 2 rounds + pullups and ringdips. need to string more pullups together so I can complete more rounds faster. 30″ box? bring on the 36″ box!

  5. Clean complex was fun. Got up to 50kg before we ran out of time. But it was better to be more focused on form anyway.

    WOD: 2 rounds + pull ups & ring dips (purple) + 220m row. Also, 24″ box.

    I didn’t bite it on the box jumps, but did trip myself up getting out of the band on the pull-ups, and ended up smashing my shin into to pull-up structure. It’s gonna leave a mark.

    It was run working out at 12:30pm instead of the usual 6:30am. Nice to do a WOD without starting out exhausted.

  6. Clean Complex: 60kg
    WOD: 2 rounds plus 150m on the row (30″ box plus ring dips and pullps)

    I have yet to try to attempt a muscle-up. Will do so on Wed pre-WOD to see if I can do it…losing a ton of time on the subs.

  7. WOD — 3rds + 3 pull-ups…subbed UA pull-ups and ring dips w/one red as expected, but unexpectedly scaled down to the 20″ box when I bit it ON THE FIRST JUMP at 24″.

    Julie D., your President spot is still safe, but I’d like to at least have a cabinet post in the Box Bite Club.

    Nice work on the cert, Justin!

  8. 35kg clean complex – my legs feel SMOKED, so the front squat was really the worst part

    2 rounds + 1 box jump with half a red band on 2 rounds of dips then full on the last round, red band on pull ups and 24″ box

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