CrossFit Warm Up

T100_1103his week for skill work we’re going to be doing the official CrossFit warm up.  It includes pull-ups, dips, and overhead squats, as well as core strengthening exercises.  The CrossFit warm up is a great way to develop strength and improve technique while also preparing for the rest of the day’s workout.  As you can see in this video featuring Greg Amundson (WMV/MOV) this is part of the reason for the expression “your workout is our warm up”.

March 29th, 2010

Skill: CrossFit Warm Up

Strength: Sumo Deadlift

WOD: Complete 5 rounds for time of:

5 dumbbell thrusters right arm

5 dumbbell thrusters left arm

10 burpees

10 thoughts on “CrossFit Warm Up”

  1. Good to see y’all this mornin…
    8:45 w/45#DB. Gonna be big and strong like Justin someday. 😀

    Remember to write it up on the board: WHY ARE YOU HERE?
    Claire added a good one today…

  2. My alarm didn’t go off again and I missed the 7:30 again. I’m sorry. I’m getting a new clock/alarm today, promise. Also, I’m coming to the noon class and I hope that’s ok. Please don’t make me do extra burpees!!!!

  3. I did the 6:00 class with the “D-Line” – aka the Defensive Line. Some serious weight was tossed around. Our British mate Chris pulled off an excellent finish by refusing to give up! It was awesome.

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