CrossFit Games Open 2011.4

The 4th workout in the 2011 CrossFit Games Open is an interesting piece of programming.  Indications are that all 6 events will be AMRAPs, but this one is set up to be more like a chipper with a time cap, or an extensive buy-in for an all out race to rack up muscle-ups and more burpees.  The technical level of the competition has definitely been stepped up.  These burpess demand a higher degree of agility than the ones we’re used to doing, the overhead squats, a demanding lift at any weight, are relatively heavy, and muscle-ups speak for themselves.  You can find more info on this workout here.  Friday we’re offering it up either in its original, 10 minute AMRAP form or as a straight through chipper with the muscle-ups pre-scaled.

April 15, 2011

60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats (55kg/40kg)
10 Muscle-ups


For Time:
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats (55kg/40kg)
40 Pull-ups
40 Ring Dips

No classes Monday, April 18th.  Enjoy the race!

15 thoughts on “CrossFit Games Open 2011.4”

  1. WOD 4- 77 Rx.
    Glad I didn’t waste time stressing about muscle ups.
    Couldn’t get there anyway! 🙂
    Love doing these on Fridays.

  2. 16:07 at 25kg and so many bands on the pull-ups and ring dips. My wrist was feeling all the OHS this week!

    Looking forward to hearing that team CFF crushed the Open WOD tomorrow.

  3. 16:32 @ 20kg and 1 red for both pull ups and dips. my arms are so tired i had a hard time putting make up on this morning.

    Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow!!!

  4. Hey guys,

    If anyone knows of anybody who is in need of a place to live come September (or sooner), please let me know. I have a few roommates that are moving and I need to fill the open spots. You can email me at for any further questions, or approach me at the gym. Thanks and I hope everyone is having a good Friday!

    Yosh (aka Dirk Diggler)

  5. Option 2 — 17:49 @ 25kg, unassisted pullups and a red band for dips. It was actually a relief to move over to the pullup structure after lots of very awkward bar-facing burpees and ugly OHS.

    Getting ready to watch some crushing action tomorrow!

  6. First of all, thanks to Stacey for a hell of a class. don’t know why I haven’t tried a 6:30 before now.

    WOD – Got through 77 reps within the 10 minutes @ 40kg OHS. Finished the rest of the WOD in 23:28 total with subbed pullups and dips for muscle ups. However, I got close enough on muscle ups practice before the WOD started that my goal is to get one muscle up before the end of next week, which will probably be one of the last full weeks i have at CFF

  7. Bummed – 75 reps; OHS got heavy really fast. On the bright side, I was able to go and do my 10 MU’s – took me a long time but did them nonetheless

  8. A big thank you to Stacey for coaching me on my first muscle up during warm up!

    WOD – 80 reps. Rx (this was really hard!)
    I finished my final 10 overhead squats in 11:52 and then spent another 10 minutes trying to get a muscle up but no luck (need more practice).

    Good luck to everyone taking on the workout tomorrow and a big congratulations to everyone who kicked ass today!

  9. WOD: 18:06 @ 45kg OHS and Pull-ups/Dips
    Ring dips are officially going on my goat list. 28 singles to finish this thing off. My arms and shoulders were straight up exhausted.

  10. 60 burpees…is that one goat or 60? or 3 sets of 20 goats?
    But I was blown away by the work in 5:30 (way to go Shane!)
    and 6:30 – Helen and Tiff! Way to RX ladies!

  11. Hey all, thanks for all the well wishes. Baby Jackson and Erica are both great. He was 7 pounds even and 19 inches, the only problem is he still has to do banded pullups. See you all soon.

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