CrossFit Games Open 2011.3

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call a separator workout.  The first two open events were great for getting everyone involved in the competition.  This one is to determine who’s really contending for a spot at Regionals.  Yes, it’s heavy, and there’s no gray area, either you lift the weight, or you don’t.  The good news, this is technically a couplet, so a power clean and front squat keeps you in the game.  Get all the info on the WOD here.  Show up, go heavy, and see how you compare.

April 8, 2011

Squat Clean (75kg/50kg)
Jerk (75kg/50kg)

23 thoughts on “CrossFit Games Open 2011.3”

    1. My favorite part of this one is when Yosh is working SO hard and KP is in the background snorgling baby Isabella. It is pure CFF awesome.

  1. I did Bear Fight since I missed it Tuesday (and knew I’m nowhere near being able to Rx 11.3). GRRRR indeed.

    8:27 @ 30kg. Great programming.

  2. 8 rounds – my first RX in 2+ months! The squat in the squat clean just kind of worked for me today, which was a first.

    Good luck to all of our fierce competitors tomorrow!

  3. Stacey’s warm-up of death was fun stuff.
    Couldn’t move the weight and can’t go over-head so I did 22 rds of squat cleans. 25kg!!

    Kick ass tomorrow Fenway!!

  4. 15 rounds @ 50 kg. This was a good one. I knew I couldn’t do Rx, but almost wish I went a tiny bit heavier.

  5. 9 + 1 Rx

    Almost lost a boob on a bad clean pull in the middle!

    Getting low is key in this workout. Power clean + squat = bad; Squat clean = good; Shallow jerk + press = bad; agressive deep jerk = good I need to work on a more aggressive jerk. Too many press finishes!

  6. 5 rounds even, Rx.
    that felt a lot heavier than I’d anticipated! also failed two jerks in a row, which did not help

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