CrossFit Fenway Worldwide: Pope in Manila

Over the holidays Pope and his family went to Manila for the first time since moving to the States 16 years ago.  Much to his relatives surprise, the first thing Pope and his sister Yasmin (a CrossFit Gotham member) wanted to do was hit up the local CrossFit Affiliate for a workout.  Well, they found it, CrossFit Manila/Global City, located on the Philippine Army Headquarters at Fort Bonifacio.

They were the only ones in attendance to the 7:30 AM class on a Tuesday morning, but Coach Byron at CF Manila was happy to put them through the paces.  Pope noted that the tropical weather certainly helps you get warmed up, but I’m not sure how much evidence of perspiration is visible in the photo provided. Thanks for sharing Pope!

Did you go somewhere or do something interesting over the holidays?  Got pictures?  Become semi-famous, and share them with the CrossFit Fenway community.

January 12, 2012

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5

1,000m Row
75 Hand Release Push-ups
50 Deadlifts (85kg/60kg)


The Performance Based Paleo Challenge is starting up this Saturday, January 14th, with workouts during the invasion sessions, and a meeting to follow at 1:30 PM.  Please e-mail Erika if you’d like to participate, or for more information.  The official start date will be Monday, January 23rd, so if you can’t make it this weekend, we can schedule a time to perform the workouts.

Schedule Update: No classes at CFF on Monday, January 16th.

16 thoughts on “CrossFit Fenway Worldwide: Pope in Manila”

  1. OHS: 55kg. Ended up doing 5.5 reps since one of my reps wasn’t deep enough. Never doing that again.

    WOD: 15:37 Rx.
    Key was not killing the row and having a plan for the deadlifts. The pure volume of pushups gets tough. Way to get after it 6am’ers!

  2. Couch Stretch (Office Edition): standing on one leg, bring opposite foot up behind you to rest on office chair and lean back until you get that warm and fuzzy feeling in your quad and hip flexor. Switch legs and repeat (and repeat throughout the day as needed).

    Definitely needing this after yesterday’s OH walking lunges.

    1. hahahaha. awesome. i actually used the edge of my desk multiple times so far today in lieu of a lacrosse ball to get at my hip flexor. weird stares are an understatement.

      nice job to everyone getting after this one today. this workout is made up of my 3 least favorite things! i’m also unsure if i can count all the way to 75…

  3. I actually said ‘yes’ out loud last night when I read the WOD today…

    OHS: 53kg
    WOD: 17:58 rx

    surprisingly the row felt good; the pushups were tough but i wasn’t too far behind dan; then fell way behind on the deadlifts…happy that i pushed through but not satisfied with my time at all. ugh.

  4. OHS: 21kg – it might seem small, but I couldn’t do them due to a shoulder injury at first, so I’m excited. Besides – it’s a PR!

    WOD: 14:42
    Not Rx ^_^

  5. OHS: 61kg
    WOD: 14:09 Rx
    Back tightened up about halfway through the dead lifts. The last 25 were no fun. Had to make my angry noises to finish.

  6. OHS: 35kg (5 rep PR)
    WOD: 10:45 w/40kg deadlifts and push-ups from knees. Time for me to suck it up and do real pushups.

  7. OHS: Not so much.
    WOD: 12:29 RX – a little too much cous cous on the row and not enough gas for the push-ups and deads.

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