CrossFit Fenway Worldwide: Danielle Running NYC

A couple weekends ago Danielle Chaplick ran the New York City Marathon.  It was her 4th marathon since April of 2010, 2nd time running NYC, and 1st time supplementing her training with CrossFit.  Although she didn’t PR, Danielle did have this to say about her experience:

While I still did a substantial number of long runs, I used CrossFit to supplement my weekly runs and I certainly believe it kept my level of fitness- no question. I was disappointed in my time only because I know I can do better and am capable of running faster. I’m not an athlete- and new to  running (started in 2009) so I’m still trying to figure out how, where, and at what points during a race I can push myself to that max level of pain and sustain it. It’s still a learning experience all in all.

I’ll send some pictures over. Again, CrossFit has helped me so much. The most important attribute of CFF is that this is the first pain free training season I have had out of all 4.

Thanks for all the help!

Congratulations on completing another one Danielle!  And thank you for sharing.  We see you working hard every time you’re in, and certainly consider you an athlete.  Now let’s see what we can do about convincing you to cut down your mileage, and get you to your next PR.

Got an upcoming event?  Snap some pictures, send a blurb, and share your success with the community.

November 17, 2011
Strength: Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3

10 Clean & Jerks (45kg/30kg)
100m Row
9 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
8 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
7 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
6 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
5 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
4 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
3 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
2 Clean & Jerks
100m Row
1 Clean & Jerk
100m Row

*Hands cannot come off the barbell once a set of clean & jerks is started.  You may rest/regrip on the ground, but hands must remain in contact with the bar.  If hands are removed from the bar, the set is started again from 0.

13 thoughts on “CrossFit Fenway Worldwide: Danielle Running NYC”

  1. Subbed DB push-presses for BP, up to 35# for 5 and then 3-3-3-3-3 at 35# (each)

    WOD — 13:19Rx

    Four marathons in basically 18 months, that’s dedication! Congrats!

    1. Where did you find a deadlift bar while traveling, I ended up doing squats and inchworm because i couldnt find anything handy.

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